Russian strategic bombers Tu-160, arrived on December 10 at the international airport of Maiquetia Venezuela return home

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Russian strategic bombers Tu-160, which arrived on 10 December at the international airport of Maiquetia Venezuela return home. With them back to Russia will fly a heavy military transport aircraft An-124 and long-haul aircraft Il-62. U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker likened arrived in Venezuela Russian military aircraft Museum exhibits.

The commander of the VKS, Colonel-General Sergei Surovikin ordered the crews of strategic missile-training to travel to the places of permanent deployment and perform it in accordance with the approved decision, according to the website of the Ministry of defense of the Russian Federation.

The commander of distant aircraft the General-Lieutenant Sergey kobylash in turn reported to the City via videoconference about the successful completion of flights of the Russian Tu-160 using a Venezuelan airfield, on 10 and 12 December.

The Ministry reported that the airport of Maiquetia, the crews of the Russian space forces and air force of Venezuela for the exchange of experience has studied the area of flying discussed cooperation issues and terminology of radio. After that Russian Tu-160 and su-30, and Venezuelan F-16 conducted a joint flight over the waters of the Caribbean sea, the total length of which amounted to about 10 hours.

During the various stages of the flight route Russian missile was carried out together with su-30 and F-16 National Bolivarian military aviation. The pilots of the two countries worked cooperation in the air during the execution of flight missions.

In addition, on December 12, strategic bombers completed a flight in the Caribbean region at altitudes of 8-9 km, the Meteorological conditions were simple. Failures of the aircraft equipment was not, tasks are accomplished, accompanied by fighters of foreign countries was not carried out.

U.S. Ambassador to Colombia: “they really are from the Museum”

U.S. Ambassador to Colombia Kevin Whitaker, said that arriving in neighboring Venezuela, a Russian military aircraft similar to Museum exhibits, radio station RSN.

“Planes of this age are not a provocation. They are really from the Museum,” he said (translation by RIA “Novosti”).

According to the diplomat, the United States notes the presence in Venezuela, “Russian bombers 80-ies”. “Obviously, we brought the ship hospital, and Russian arrived with the bombers, and it sends a message,” said the Ambassador.

Note the hospital ship “peace ark” of the Chinese Navy arrived in the port city of La Guaira on September 23, reported CGTN. Within eight days of the “ship-hospital” provided free medical services to local residents and employees of Chinese companies and the Chinese compatriots abroad.

Earlier it was reported that in the framework of the planned international activities on 10 December, two strategic missile Tu-160 Air and space forces (VKS) arrive in the international airport of Maiquetia Venezuela. Flying long-range aircraft took place in the airspace over the waters of the Atlantic ocean, Barents, Norwegian, Caribbean sea and lasted 13 hours 15 minutes.

At separate stages of the route of the aircraft Tu-160 escorted by F-16 fighter jets of the Norwegian air force. The Russian crews were met by the Minister of defense of Venezuela Vladimir Padrino Lopez. At the airport of Maiquetia, the crews of the Russian space forces and air force of Venezuela conducted joint training of aircraft crews and aircraft flight operations. The us administration expects that these aircraft will leave Venezuela on Friday, 14 December, but the Russian side did not specify the duration of their stay in a Latin American country, said TASS.

U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo has previously called for sending two Tu-160 to Venezuela of squandering public funds. “The peoples of Russia and Venezuela should see everything as it is: two corrupt governments squander public funds and suppress freedom and independence while their people suffer.”

The President of Colombia, Ivan Duque for its part, has expressed concern in connection with the arrival in Venezuela of Russian combat aircraft, saying that he does not consider it a good gesture. According to Duque, the countries of the region should not succumb to provocations from the government of Nicolas Maduro, but should be ready for possible actions of Caracas.