Russian Federation distorting GPS signals in the Crimea and military installations – a new study C4ADS

KIEV. March 28. UNN. Technology with the disorientation of a satellite navigation system GPS has been used more than 10 thousand times the Russian electronic warfare equipment, from February 2016. This is stated in a new report by the American NGO C4ADS, reports UNN.

Signal distortion can lead to the fact that the system will incorrectly determine the location of an object or vehicle, or aircraft will not be able to correctly identify their place of stay or lose access to the positioning system.

Accusations of Russia in the distortion of the signal of the satellite navigation system have already been made, however, such activity is broader in scope, more diversified in geography and longer than previously thought, the researchers said.

All the researchers found 9883 case of Russian interference in GNSS in 10 locations that influenced the work navigation systems 1311 civilian ships.

“Using scientific data of the sensor to the International space station, we can identify the activities represented a significant threat to GPS systems civil airlines in the region,” the study says.

Analysts cite examples of activities for preventing Global navigation satellite system GNSS on the territory of Russia, in the occupied territories and military facilities abroad. GNSS includes the global positioning system (GPS), Russian GLONASS, European Galileo and Chinese Beidou.

Among the objectives that Russia pursues by interference with GNSS is the protection of strategic objects, in particular, at coast of Crimea, analysts say. This activity is also used to protect Putin’s Russia and the hidden zones.

Most likely, the transmitter distorts the GNSS signals in the black sea region, established on the territory of the so-called “Putin’s Palace” at Cape Idokopas in Krasnodar Krai, Russia. The residence, which is worth millions of dollars is owned by Russian officials and, reportedly, it was built for Putin.

The researchers also used the distortion of GPS signals in areas where Russia is conducting active military operations, particularly in Syria, the researchers note.

GPS technologies have broad applicability and can be used either in navigation or in the operation of cell phone networks as well as in the securities markets, so this “electronic war” can cause significant damage, but a relatively small cost technologies for conducting such a war may mean that distortion of the navigation signals will be able to use not only the country, but also non-state actors.

As reported UNN, Norway stated that he had electronic evidence of Russian interference in the operation of the global positioning system (GPS) during NATO exercises in the fall of 2018 and demands an explanation from Russia.

NEW REPORT: ABOVE US ONLY STARS, C4ADS “newest report on GPS spoofing in Russia, Crimea, and Syria! Check out our interactive online report here: We detail how we used publicly available information and data from the ISS to uncover GPS spoofing activities.

— C4ADS (@ C4ADS) 26 Mar 2019