Russian diplomats have repeatedly promised to find relatives of the deceased militants, however further conversations business is not has gone.

Convicted of terrorism the citizen of Russia Valery Ivanov, how to write “Facts”, died in Drohobych corrective labor colony No. 40, reports “Диалог.UA”.

However, the Russian Consulate in Lviv for a long time can not move the body of the mercenary to his homeland.

Earlier, the “Facts” he wrote that Ivanov was among the Russian mercenaries that Ukraine is ready to exchange for their captured citizens.

Ivanov fought in Chechnya in the composition of the air assault brigade. The Russians also fought on the occupied Donbass on the party of terrorists “LNR”. He said he came to “protect” the people of Donbass.

Was sentenced to 12 years imprisonment.

Journalists of “Facts” found the sister of the gunman, who lives in Arkhangelsk. In turn, head of the Drohobych colony Alexander Merchant immediately after the death of the gunman has contacted representatives of the Russian Consulate in Lviv on the issue of transporting the dead body to Russia. He told the Russian side that the deceased has a sister. Russian diplomats promised to find his family, but the question never moves.

According to one version, the Russians do not want to do anything, so as to transport the deceased Ivanova is simply no money.

Moreover, all the Russian mercenaries who died with the outbreak of war in the East of Ukraine in Ukrainian prisons, buried on the territory of our state.

At the moment in Ukraine held in jails dozens of Russians convicted of terrorism. Ukraine stressed that it is ready to exchange these Russians in Ukrainian political prisoners.

This question tomorrow, December 19, will be raised at a meeting of THC in Minsk. It is reported that the Ukrainian side is ready to offer the option of sharing according to the formula 23 by 23 and 66 at 19.

Recall that the Network has shown a powerful video of the elimination of terrorists on Donbass with air.

Also escaped to Russia known terrorist issued a “sentence” for the occupied Donbas.