In the XXI century it all makes a digital copy or a continuation that has recently touched on classic puzzles of the last century – the Rubik’s cube. The brainchild of Hungarian architect turned into a startup GoCube that wraps all of the action dice from the real world into the digital space. Conversely, providing feedback and access to different services.

GoCube designed and works like a regular Rubik’s cube, but here, each face has its own set of sensors plus inertial measurement unit and other sensors. All in order to know exactly at what time in what position are all the parts of the cube. The difference between the models GoCube and GoCube Edge that the second calculates all the indicators are accurate to thousandths – this is a toy for professionals.

Beginners GoCube will show by means of illumination of how to solve basic tasks that will familiarize you with the principles of the games. Advanced users can upload their results online, download sketches, to compete in various math and game design, for example, who will build, in reality, given a generator of a random pattern. Communication with the outside world is supported through the smartphone and, in theory, the list of entertainment with GoCube almost endless.

The base model GoCube costs $59, advanced GoCube Edge – $79, but it also opens up access to online League and competitions between the strongest players. The beginning of sales is planned for March next year.

Source — GoCube