To the head of the RT France Ksenia Fedorova, as well as journalists of the TV channel received letters with insults and threats of physical violence.

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In connection with the situation RT France went to the police, were strengthened security measures.

“We strongly condemn any threats in the RT address France, the safety of our employees is of paramount importance. It is essential that the journalists of our media could freely and without fear to practice their profession”, — said the head of RT France Ksenia Fedorova.

One of the emails from a certain Alan of Hasama (Yallan Gacem) received 16 Mar.

“Tell your leader Ksenia Fedorova, she’s dead, it’s just a matter of time. Her fate was sealed exactly the same as your shitty journalists,” the letter reads.

Informed by e-mail RT France received several messages with threats from a certain Jean-Pierre Ondelete (Jean-Pierre Hondelatte). In them he says, “Hello Communists,” mentioned Putin and Stalin and demanded that France RT “was removed from France before he was kicked out,” arguing that “the European Parliament and the French don’t want to see him.”

In addition, Andelat made a few angry calls to the editor RT France with similar content.