NASA has uncovered a number of new conceptual probes which may someday explore Venus and other planets in our solar system. Many of these concepts are used very unusual, never used before ideas. For example, among them there are projects of a folding apparatus in the spirit of “origami”, or robots in steampunk style.

Probe-origami is by far the most developed. This Rover, which carries a specific robotic design capable decomposed to collect and focus the sun’s rays. This can solve the problem of Rovers, which are sometimes trapped in the shadows where they can’t get the energy it needs and to get out.

Due to its ability to transform, robotic panels can be in a different form, to collect and redirect right Rover sunlight. Potentially, such designs origami can be used to deliver light and energy to inhabited colonies and lunar bases. This technology will allow to build settlements in areas that would otherwise be too dark and cold to stay.

Another interesting concept is “steampunk Rover” AREE, which features a mechanical computer and a wind turbine. This combination of components allows the probe to operate in extreme cold areas on the night side of Venus, where the temperature is -173 °C.

These and two dozen other concepts are undergoing the expertise of NASA to transition to the next phase of development. Probes-the winners will get the necessary funding and will be able to go not only on Venus but also on Enceladus and Europe – other promising direction of space research in the next ten years.
Source — NASA