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Iran’s president has called on the international community to defy Washington’s stated intention of choking Iranian oil exports, describing the plan as a careless act of criminal aggression that doesn’t care about consequences.

Speaking during his visit to Vienna on Wednesday, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said US sanctions against Iran are a “crime and aggression,” adding  that Washington had not thought through the consequences of its plan to undermine Iranian oil exports.

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US threatens sanctions against countries that fail to cut off Iranian oil imports, meets resistance

“The Americans say they want to reduce Iranian oil exports to zero. They have talked without thinking carefully,” Rouhani said. “It shows they have not thought about its consequences.”

The Iranian leader added that Iran will outlast the current American administration.

“Iran will survive this round of US sanctions as it has survived before. This US government will not stay in office forever… But history will judge other nations based on what they do today,” Rouhani said during a visit to Vienna.

Rouhani also told International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Director General Yukiya Amano during a meeting that Tehran reserves the right to make “new decisions” based on whether or not Iran could still benefit from the 2015 nuclear deal, after the United States unilaterally withdrew from the accord in May.

Tehran announced on Wednesday that it will buy goods only from those nations which purchase Iranian oil. The policy will likely help discourage nations from adhering to the ambitious US plan to halt all Iranian oil exports, which Rouhani described as a “fantasy.”

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US oil touches $75 amid fears Iran will block Middle East shipments

“These are exaggerated statements that can never be implemented,” Rouhani said on Tuesday after holding talks with Swiss officials in Bern. “Such a scenario would mean the US was imposing its imperialist policy in flagrant violation of international law.”

Washington has been pressuring its allies to halt all purchases of Iranian oil by November 4. The economic and political hardball has reportedly even dissuaded Japan’s prime minister from visiting Tehran later this month. However, Japan has so far refused to cut Iranian oil imports.

Donald Trump’s decision to unilaterally exit the Iran nuclear deal and introduce fresh sanctions against Tehran has endangered the longevity of the historic accord. Washington’s European partners are enraged that their companies, which have invested billions of dollars in Iran following the lifting of sanctions in 2015, could now be subjected to US sanctions. Rouhani is currently touring Europe in an attempt to preserve the deal while still making it worthwhile for Tehran.