One of the most conservative industries – construction — is on the verge of a boom of robotics. Before this global construction projects without breakthrough technologies, but chronic labor shortages, increased demands on safety and the need for mass affordable housing to radically change the situation.

One way out – the introduction of the construction robotic technology. However, there are fears that this will lead to the reduction of “live” jobs and lower wages. So, according to the report of the National Bureau of economic research USA, each new robot reduces employment in the U.S. economy at 5.6 persons, while reducing wages have 1000 “real” workers to 0.25 – 0.5 %.

However, the process can not be stopped. Company Australia Fastbrick Robotics has developed a robot bricklayer Hadrian X, equipped with a 30-foot lever arm, with which he can lay 1000 bricks per hour. For comparison, the same places qualified bricklayer per day. Besides, Hadrian X can read 3D model of a house under construction and, most importantly, to work around the clock without breaks and weekends. The robot will be launched by the end of this year.

The situation was clarified Brian Turmail, senior Executive Director of public relations of the Association of General contractors of America:

“Robots do not replace workers. They only compensate for a shortage of some specialists on construction sites. Otherwise, there may occur the failure of established deadlines and increased costs.”