One of the most famous Ukrainian astrologers Vlad Ross expressly disclaims brake that Ukraine is on the verge of great change.

Astrologer Vlad Ross predicted, when to wait for the end of the armed conflict in the Donbass. About it reports “Glavred”.

According to Ross, in the coming years in the East of Ukraine should expect the peacekeeping contingent. Although the active phase of discussion, input “blue helmets” in the area ATO – OOS is gone, it does not mean that the world community said goodbye with this idea – she will definitely remember and implement, says the astrologer. And even points more or less specific time frame: mid or the end of 2020. Soon after will come the long-awaited peace.

“In 2021 is unlikely that the Ukraine will still continue the war. At this time will be the cycle of the White moon. The white Moon is a very benevolent planet in astrology. It is a sign that finally needs to Shine the mind,” – said the astrologer.

Recall, Vlad Ross warned Ukrainians about the danger of Putin’s invasion from the Belarusian border.

Earlier it was reported that Poroshenko told, when can we expect the entry of UN peacekeepers to the Donbass.