Rihanna (photos gettyimages.com)

American pop singer Rihanna has urged her fans to delete the app Snapchat after it has appeared is, making fun of the attack on her in 2009 by the then boyfriend of Rihanna Chris brown. About it reports Reuters.

Posted in Snapchat users ask the question: “What would you rather slap or Rihanna hitting Chris brown?”.

This is a scandalous story that happened almost 10 years ago, when Chris brown raised his hand to Rihanna. He was then arrested on charges of domestic violence.


“Snapchat. I know that you know that you’re not my favorite app! But I’m just trying to understand what’s the matter with this mess!”, – wrote the singer in Instagram.

In the Snapchat said that advertising was “disgusting.” They claim that the movie was not supposed to appear on the site.

“We are sorry, we made a terrible mistake… We’re investigating how this occurred to ensure that this will never happen again” – said in a statement.

However, the Snap action Inc, the company that owns the app, fell 4.7% after the announcement of Rihanna.

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