Rich in pedigree: stars, whose ancestors were of Royal blood

14.08.2018 00:05

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15 August was born Evdokiya Golitsyna, Princess, the owner of the Petersburg salon, a regular visitor to which he was 1817-1820 A. S. Pushkin. Many celebrities of our time can boast of connection with the even more famous ancestors. Read our report on the stars, in whose veins flows the noble blood.

It turns out that beyoncé has Austrian roots: it is related to the famous Austrian composer and conductor of the XIX century by Gustav Mahler. It becomes clear where the singer is such a musical talent.

Supermodel Cindy Crawford really ties the relationship with the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. From Crawford actually quite a rich pedigree: recently, the model has learned that is related to by Charlemagne!

From Robert Pattinson, who played vampire Edward in the Saga “Twilight”, there really is a “vampire” past. The actor is related to Vlad III Tepes, also known as Vlad Dracula, the prototype character of the novel “Dracula”- this just proves that the role of Edward Cullen nobody could do better.

British actor Ralph Fiennes is English, Irish and Scottish roots. He is distantly related to the king of Scotland James II, who ruled 1437-1460.

Famous actor George Clooney and a national hero of America Abraham Lincoln are linked by ties of kinship, though distant. Their relationship comes from a woman named Lucy Hanks, who was Lincoln’s grandmother on the maternal side.