The Renault driver Daniel ricciardo has commented on incident with the Russian pilot Toro Rosso Daniel Cuatom during the race the fourth stage of “Formula 1” Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.

  • Reuters

“Of course I feel bad for the collision. I saw the space and decided that should try. In the third corner is always tight. At first I thought I can do this, but then I blocked the wheels and do not fit into the rotation. When I was in the area of safety, there is a kind of panic, I tried to lose as little time as possible. I turned back and went”, — quotes Riccardo Motorsport.

He noted that he did not think that the car is Kvyat will remain in the same place, because they believed that the Russians managed to continue on track.

“I guess I didn’t look in the mirror because of the rush. I tried to minimize the impact of their error and made another. A feeling of guilt towards the team and in front of Daniel,” added the Australian.

In the end, Kvyat and ricciardo failed to finish the race, and the pilot of Renault was fined for the incident with the Russians.

Earlier it was reported that Riccardo apologized to the Cuatom for the collision at the Grand Prix of Azerbaijan.