©Tonya Matvienko via Facebook

One doesn’t expect a young woman, wearing a pink coat and high heels, to carry an axe. But the one caught on camera in Kiev not only did but used it to wreck a Porsche Boxster in what appears to be act of revenge.

The bizarre scene, which happened in the center of the Ukrainian capital on Tuesday, was filmed by a witness who published it on Facebook. The footage shows the white sports car vandalized in broad daylight with astounded people watching.

The perpetrator first used a spray can to write “bastard” on the side of the posh white car and then armed herself with an axe and started chopping its windshield and hood.

The retaliation theory seems quite obvious, but some commenters suggested other explanations of why this happened. Some said it was an object lesson for parking in the wrong place while others believe it must be some kind of a publicity stunt.

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