Elena Zaitsev and Gennady drones

KHARKOV-KIEV. On 2 April. UNN. The Kiev district court of Kharkiv today will hold its next meeting in the case of resonant road accident that occurred in the city in October last year, reports UNN.

This time the court will continue interrogation of witnesses of accident, which in the case of 15 people.

We will remind that the judge has already interviewed all the victims, one witness and the accused – the driver of the car Lexus Elena Zaitseva, who pleaded guilty. But the driver of the Volkswagen Touareg Gennady drones with testimony is in no hurry.

Zaitsev and Dronova accused of committing a criminal offence under part H of article 286 (violation of the rules of traffic safety, entailed death of several persons) of the Criminal code of Ukraine.

As reported UNN, bloody accident occurred in Kharkov on October 18 last year. Then in the city center of the two cars collided and one of them threw pedestrians. In the accident it killed 5 people, another girl later died in hospital.