Elena Zaitsev and Gennady drones

KHARKOV-KIEV. April 11. UNN. Today in the Kiev district court of Kharkov held a regular meeting in the case of resonant road accident that occurred in the city centre on October 18 last year, reports the correspondent of UNN.

The hearing will begin at 14:00. This time the court will continue interrogation of witnesses of the accident. Just in case about 15 witnesses, the court listened to six of them.

We will remind, on October 18 last year in the city center of Kharkov there was a tragic accident. Two SUV running Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova collided at the intersection of Sumskaya str and Mechnikova lane, after the collision, the Lexus Zaitseva thrown into pedestrians, killing 6 people.

Now the court questioned all of the victims, of the witnesses and the driver of the Lexus. Zaitsev admitted his guilt, but the driver of the Touareg drones pleads not guilty and promised to testify after all witnesses.