KHARKOV-KIEV. April 4. UNN. Three witnesses – policemen – testified in a Kyiv district court of Kharkiv on the case of resonant road accident that occurred in the city centre on October 18 last year. This was reported by the correspondent of UNN.

So, one of the witnesses said that after the moment of the collision, Lexus and Volkswagen, the driver of the first car Elena Zaitseva cried and complained about the cut finger. According to law enforcement reports, after the accident, he together with colleagues has protected the scene and drove the crowd of people. Then the commander brought him two girls whom he initially mistook for the victims.

“Communicated with Zaitseva about two minutes. She said she cut her finger, and I went to see if we have bandages. Signs of intoxication I had not seen, the smell of alcohol was not felt. After what happened, the driver was shaking and was in tears. Further processing of the accident I was not involved,” – said the patrolman Alexander Shevchuk.

The witness also said that I didn’t check the pupillary response of the driver of the Lexus, but speech disorders she had.

In addition, during today’s hearing, the court extended the measure of restraint in form of detention without the right of bail for the two defendants – Gennady Dronova Elena Zaitseva – until 1 June.

Recall that in October last year in the center of Kharkov was a tragic accident. Two SUV running Elena Zaitseva and Gennady Dronova collided at the intersection of Sumskaya str and Mechnikova lane. After the collision, the Lexus Zaitseva thrown into pedestrians, killing 6 people.

Now the court has interviewed all the victims, 6 of 15 witnesses and the driver of the Lexus. Zaitsev admitted his guilt, but the driver of the Volkswagen Touareg Gennady drones promises to testify after all witnesses.

As reported UNN, on 2 April, the Kyiv regional court of the city interrogated as a witness the inspector of the patrol police Eugene Shestov. He said that the defendant Elena Zaitseva during the accident was not in possession of a driver’s license and registration.