Released from prison in North Korea American student was diagnosed with brain damage

The young man shows no signs of understanding language and does not responds to the environment


American 22-year old student of Otto Warmbir that 17 months spent in prison in North Korea on suspicion of attempting to steal the flag, was diagnosed with lesions of the brain, and significant death of its tissues.

Write about the world’s media with reference to Reuters.

It is noted that now the condition is stable, but it does not show any signs of understanding. The young man also not responds to the environment.

Director of the division of neurology at the University medical center Cnicinnati Daniel Kanter said that a former prisoner of the DPRK says nothing and is not able to make any purposeful actions. Doctors believe that the cause of the brain damage of Warmbir could be oxygen starvation.

Recall that DPRK authorities freed American student Otto Warmbier, who was convicted in 2016 to 15 years in prison. The parents of the student told The Washington Post that their son is in a coma. The DPRK representatives informed the family of Warmbir that soon after the trial he was diagnosed with botulism. Approval of the North Korean side, Warmbir fell into a coma when she took sleeping pills.