Mr Baluch

Friends and relatives of a wrongfully convicted in the Crimea Vladimir Baloga are unable to obtain information about the state of his health. This was told by his wife Natalia Baluch, the Krym.Realities.

Baluch continues to hold a hunger strike in solitary confinement in jail.

“We don’t know that he’s there. Don’t even know if he’s alive… Nothing,” said Natalia.

In the detention center had previously denied to the spouse of Baluja date, citing the fact that they are officially divorced. The mother of Ukrainian can come to her son’s state of health.

On 2 April the lawyer of Baluja Olga Dinze needs to see their client and to find complete information about his health.

Convicted in Russia-annexed Crimea on charges of possession of ammunition Ukrainian activist Volodymyr continues Baluch declared a hunger strike, protesting against the sentence imposed on him, however, the condition of Ukrainian activist is worrying his family.

4 August 2017 fake court sentenced Baloha accused of possession of ammunition, sentenced to three years and seven months in prison and a fine of 10 thousand rubles. According to human rights activists, the occupiers pursued Baluja because of his Pro-Ukrainian position, and because of the Ukrainian flag mounted on his house.

March 14, the Kremlin-controlled so-called Supreme court of the Crimea changed the sentence to Balaju for three years and five months of imprisonment in a penal colony and a fine of 10 thousand rubles (about 4.6 thousand UAH).

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