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“SE” tells about the events of the recent Congress of the FFU and the first conclusions.

The event was delayed for two and a half hours. Waiting for the UEFA President Aleksandra Ceferin, which wanted to take a picture and hang the pictures in the offices of the notorious Mariupol Vasily Zhuravlev. Not my idea – the man himself said in a TV interview.

Maybe the delay happened in order to, having timed end at the final of the women’s Champions League, crumple “Different” and not allow to be destroyed the opposition, even just dissent. Which, however, already almost gone. What you want – the Congress of victors. Obediently waited for two and a half hours. Rock…


On the official website of FFU? Only two of the text. The first is an excerpt from the speech of Andrey Pavelko in the part where it talks about the huge success in the fight against match-fixing. Because of this, but more, we have heard recently on another briefing. And at a press conference Francesco Bagels.

It turned out, however, that a police investigation is one thing, but CECI another. And both somehow did not appear mysteriously dropped out of the field of view of the authorities the most famous suspicious match last years “Illichivets” – “Gornyak-Sport”. Gone and prepared by the previous Committee and submitted to CDC documents about the match “Olimpik” – “Metalist”.

I think it is here that Pavelko and combine two sources and two components. Alas.

Of all the specifics in a set of inspirational words only this:

“We have created a specialized team at the head with a Wheel that has many years of experience in European football the Prosecutor. International Committee for ethics and fair play, a priori, is an impartial and independent body. Last year, this direction received strong support in the face of a new first Vice-President of FFU nazara Holodnitsky”.

None of that made Bagel, or why not think about the famous match Illichivets. And what is the joy of CACHE – priori impartial body, if directs them to the protege Pavelko, with all the ensuing consequences. And it takes decisions only for the benefit of the well-known club. If you want, think two.

And I agree with this: “Two days ago, the football of Ukraine and the whole world has been hit by an unprecedented action of law enforcement – operation on search and detention of the persons suspected of the organisation of contractual matches”.

Truly amazed. The scope of contractual matches, blooming to full flower just over the last three years. Well at least the police intervened. Can’t you do it and a matter of “Illichivets”, which is a real football Ukraine, I hope, will not allow you to forget.


Another official – a brief message about changes in the governing bodies of the FFU. Didn’t tell us, who are coming (well, not all the names of famous people), or why is released from the composition of the Executive Committee left.


“As first Vice-President of the Federation delegates to the Congress elected Oleg Protasov. Vice-President of FFU Taras Gerula.

Also, the delegates of the Congress were released from the composition of the Executive Committee of FFU Alexander Bandurko, Igor Kozlov, Artem Franko, Yevhen Krasnikov, Roman Zozulya, Vladimir Geninson, Nicholas Eropunov, Victor Bezrukov, T. Klima, Jaroslav Gryso, Peter, Celebi and Alexander Kadeckova.

The FFU Executive Committee was elected Oleg Protasov, Taras Gerula, Andrei Bondarenko, Thomas Grimm, Anatoliy Demjanenko, Victor Kovalenko, Alexander Karavaev, Alexander Melaschenko, Valeriy Novobranets, Alexander Pasichny, Alexander Shevchenko, Ihor Shopin and Igor Shukhovtsev”.

Removed those in “Mariupol” took the side “of Mariupol”, removed the representatives of the overthrown of the regional federations, has appointed several former and current players (just in case, Victor Kovalenko is not a midfielder of Shakhtar, and the new head of the Kharkiv regional football Federation), heads of the newly quasi-federations.

It is sad to see this list of Anatoliy Demyanenko as a “leader” hastily put together “splits” that are supposed to represent Kiev. As coach of the national team among veterans – I have nothing against. Even with two hands “for”. But this structure…

One of the first Vice-presidents instead Bandurko was Protasov. We wish Oleg Valerievich success in a new place. On to the post of technical Director – as something not very developed. When this youth team got technical defeat of Serbs, when it hired FFU “professionals” appointed by the match between Ukraine and Albania, where you can work out and relax (Evian, of course, not Marbella, but still), but not to hold matches at the national team level.

Now he is above it all…


Well at least allowed to speak to Alexander Bandurko, whose speech as something fell from the atmosphere of universal approval:

“Today in this chamber, not just the delegates of the next Congress. Here those who celebrated and I am sure they support the change brought about by the Revolution of Dignity. Those who expected that they will come to football. Three years have passed. Unfortunately, did not.

Ignorant management, fawning, hypocrisy, defamation and outright persecution of dissidents – a brief summary of the past three years the work of the leadership of FFU of 2015.

For three years we have become accustomed, once adapted to the fact that compliance with the rules and regulations is for the weak, as eloquently disputes with the FFU in courts of General jurisdiction of football federations of Ternopil, Kherson and Kiev regions. To this list of also joined the Kiev city Federation and leads the litigation Zhytomyrska Federation.

Apparently, we are ahead of all Europe in the number of lawsuits against the national football Association. Although this is not the only European record of the FFU.

Trampling on the statutes of FIFA and UEFA, FFU successfully implements the principles of political expediency. Contrary to article 15 of the FIFA statutes, the code of ethics of FIFA, today 35 percent of the members of the FFU Executive Committee are of direct relevance to the national Parliament, state administration, including presidential.

In response we hear that it’s been done that long ago football and politics in Ukraine synonyms – as, probably, the corruption and theft? But we forget that the constitutional requirement of political neutrality appeared in the FIFA statutes only in 2016. Meanwhile, FFU President member of the legal Committee of FIFA!

Shamelessly using promises, persuasion and pressure, and in case of disagreement – was a raider of the form of capture the football authorities, based on the unconditional implementation of the so-called model Constitution of a regional Federation over the past year and a half in 15 regional federations replaced the chairmen and composition of the Executive committees.

But did that dividends football? The answer is obvious. No, no and no again.

Tellingly, we are allowed to commit such actions against our colleagues who for many years faithfully served the football. We remained silent when the Chairman of the Ternopil regional Federation, a former Vice-President of FFU Marinovsky was not allowed into the Congress. We were silent when shamelessly removed the leaders of the Federation in the Kherson when blocked conferences in Kiev and Odessa region.

Andrey, perhaps you haven’t noticed but under your leadership, there is a split in Ukrainian football, and I openly talk about it from this podium.

FFU has turned into a besieged fortress – in the literal and figurative sense of the word. The accumulated years of the organization’s image is largely lost. The strategy of the FFU, the Marshall plan, vertical teams mostly stayed in the presentations on the plasma at this converted hall with beautiful decorations. And the results of the national team after a reorganization of its coaching staff – just a sad confirmation of what was said.

We all know that things do not happen in football. Moreover, they should not be in the preparation of the country such a planetary feast of football as the Champions League final. The reluctance of FIFA to bring this project of professional managers with experience in the holding of finals of Euro-2012, has led to the fact that the League has even had to remind the national football Association on the principles for the treatment of the main trophy of the tournament! That indicates a low professional level of your advisers.”


Why the Congress was not? There’s been no discussion of the economic aspects of the plant for the production of artificial grass and its active implementation is not the market, and to the dependent consumer. It was not a vote on whether spent at the helm of a character with a questionable diploma. No report on the scandalous adventures in the cities and villages of Ukraine Cup, Champions League, report on real activities, KACI…

Too late – just two days after the Congress there was a scandal with the tickets for the final of the Champions League. The media not only in our country reported that tickets with overprint “FFU” massively came to the speculators.

Might have been a mistake to journalists, speaking about the “baby quota”. But was struck by the response of the FFU. And the very fact of a response – at once! He could fake to call it, a sword slash, or just to send to hell. And content

Just a nice reply, but with overtones. “Today in the media and social networks emerged information about the fact that the football Federation of Ukraine allegedly sells its quota of tickets for the final of the UEFA Champions League via speculators, and these tickets allegedly belonged to the “child quota”. Reported that, according to the terms of cooperation with UEFA, the tickets that were allocated to Ukraine, was distributed exclusively among the applications of the representatives of the football community. In accordance with the agreed rules of the children’s quota of tickets was not provided”.

The words are not particularly picky, but for some reason I remember the immortal “Golden calf”: “As the Indochinese spun, as he proved by the relevant authorities that the 03 copper. he spent for the benefit of the state and which may provide for a specified amount of supporting documents, nothing helped. The shadow of the late writer was inexorable, and autumn evening Indochina led to his release…”

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine