The Eastern Slavs “Red hill” since ancient times, was also the feast of the arrival of spring, which was accompanied by folk festivals.
After Easter, Ukrainians will celebrate Red hill / Photo by UNIAN

After Easter Ukrainian Orthodox celebrate the “Red hill”, or “Sunday of Thomas” – the day of memory of Christ appearing to the Apostle Thomas on the eighth day after the resurrection.

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This day is also called in Church tradition Antipathy, and dedicated to “the repetition of the Passover” – to upgrade the memory of the resurrection of Christ. In churches for this holiday are the last Liturgy on Easter rite.

According to the New Testament, when Christ appeared to the apostles, Thomas was not among them. Upon hearing the news of his resurrection, Thomas didn’t believe that it’s true. Soon he met Jesus personally, but he had doubts. And only when Christ showed that his wounds, and allowed to feel them, Thomas believed.

The Eastern Slavs “Red hill” since ancient times, was also the feast of the arrival of spring, which was accompanied by folk festivals. It is also associated with the mass of people’s will and marriage ceremonies.

In some regions of Ukraine also had a memorial tradition, people visit the cemetery and honor deceased relatives.

When the Red slide in 2019

Sunday of Thomas, or Red hill, is traditionally celebrated on the first Sunday after Easter.

This year Orthodox Easter falls on April 28. If you believe the most popular idea of the festival, Red hill in 2019 falls on 5 may.

Orthodox Ukrainians, and those who are planning your weekend also often asked about how many days lasts red hill. This is due to the fact that in some regions the idea of this holiday are different.

So, Krasnaya Gorka can call St. George’s Day, or its eve. Occasionally red Hill call the whole spring radonice a week, or its Tuesday. In the result, the red slide is sometimes called the second week after Easter.

In this case, it should be noted that the first Sunday after Easter is Antipascha, or “Sunday of Thomas”.

This year Orthodox Easter falls on April 28 / photo Unioncredit hill traditions and superstitions

The day of red hill, like many other religious holidays, combines both Christian and pre-Christian, pagan elements. Our ancestors this Day was linked to a series of beliefs and customs.

Red hill was considered the marriage feast, because it is the first Sunday after Easter, the Church began to celebrate wedding ceremonies. It was believed that the wedding at Red hill promises the young couple a long and happy life together.

At the same time, in the villages organized the people’s noisy festivities with games, with bonfires and dances where young boys and girls could meet up.

On the Red hill women conducted the ceremony for a good harvest and protect his village from misery – until dawn they gathered at the edge of the village, hitched to the plow and do around the village furrow. Unmarried girls also wondered at her spouse.

In addition, this day held a ceremony in happiness: people rolled from the hill dyed Easter eggs. According to popular belief, if the egg will slide straight and not breaks, its owner will be happy and good luck.

For the beauty of girls and women in the morning red hill went to wash cold water from a well or stream.

For believers, a good sign will be a wedding at Red hill / pravoslavie.picrasma hill 2019 – wedding

Even today, Red hill is celebrated not so active, 5 may is still an excellent date for the wedding for everyone who is planning a wedding in 2019.

In Ukraine on the Red hill and today logged a lot of wedding ceremonies. Some of them stylize under people’s weddings – guests entertained by noisy dances and festive cakes.

For believers, a good sign will be wedding on Red hill, right at the end of the post. In fomino Sunday churches begin to hold their rituals. This day is traditionally a stir among the young.

What not to do in Red hill

Our ancestors believed that young on the Red hill should not sit at home and ignore the festivities – it promised them unhappy.

Not recommended to wash with water which had been sprinkled the icons, older man — it could be a self-fulfilling poverty.

On the Red hill it was impossible for anyone to swear, because the participants in the quarrel, as it was considered could not be reconciled to the Trinity.