Saturday. Kiev. NSK “Olympic”. Real Madrid – Liverpool – 3:1. With the ball Karim BENZEMA. Photo of Paul KUBANOVA, “SE” in Ukraine”

The following season in the “real” can be major changes, and in the number of potential recruits the “Royal club” is very well-known people.

Real Madrid, who recently won another “eared” Cup, demonstrated a remarkable stability and constancy.

The starting lineup of the “Royal club” in the last two Champions League finals, Cardiff-Kiev 2017 and 2018 are matched to a single letter in the names of the players, even the pre-match pictures were taken like a blueprint, the only change is the color of the shape.

However, a number of direct and indirect evidence indicates that the coming summer “the real world” is waiting for some restructuring and we’ll talk. Season guesses is declared open – ‘ll add just a little cream.


In mid-January, when the crisis in the capital’s club became offensive obvious – “real” in the championship was mathematically closer to the relegation zone (16 points) than in the lead “Barcelona” (19), and ignominiously ended the fight in the Cup of Spain, the football world began to seriously discuss the name of the successor to Zinedine Zidane as head coach of real Madrid. By the end of may, the Frenchman once again confounded the critics by winning in Kiev, his eighth final out of eight in charge of the team and ninth trophy in two and a half years. Perhaps now even the resignation of club President Florentino Perez looks more probable than possible departure of Zidane from real Madrid – the first coach in football history, who took three of the Champions League Cup in a row.

French accent in Madrid will continue not only because of Zizou. With him in the “Real world” will remain and Karim Benzema. It might sound presumptuous, but, despite the permanent whistle of tribunes “Santiago Bernabeu” and one of the most controversial seasons forward, he will continue as a Royal career. First, because of the benefits that brings to the club on the field, even when not scored (e.g. Ronaldo with the Frenchman in attack and without him are two different Ronaldo, second quarterfinal with Juventus and the first semi-final with Bayern – visual proof), and secondly, because of Zidane, who is French striker hopes to get their drops.

What do you think is the player of real Madrid after Saturday’s game was on a family photo of the coach is the winner? Right. Everything goes to the fact that accurate observation of one’s colleagues, uttered a year ago after leaving real Madrid Morata (“it Turns out, Benzema experienced van Nistelrooy, Raul, Callejón, Higuain, Jese and double-Morato. You or I will survive”), will be replenished this summer for at least one name.


This will most likely be Gareth bale. A brace by Welshman in the Kiev final, which gave real Madrid the 13th “big-eared” trophy, in this sense, sounded like a farewell chord – after the match, bale made it clear that he wants and deserves to play from time to time, but constantly, and in the summer will make a decision about pursuing a career. Of course, the football agent can negotiate with the club and Zidane, who last season often neglected striker than put it in, but until the 200 million (euros) offer, “MU”, which, according to the Sun, received the “red devils” “the real world” looks much more convincing argument for Florentino Perez. Goals in gate “Liverpool” bale raised its price tag, and the President of real Madrid may decide not to wait for the time when he will again begin to fall.

The future of the “Royal club” after the final whistle in Kiev raised not only bale, but Ronaldo. Statements of the Portuguese in the midst of jubilation and celebration sounded all of a sudden: “it Was nice to play in Madrid”, “can’t guarantee that will remain in the “Real world.” The next day Cristiano changed his mind and spoke in a different way (“thank you, see you next year”), so this move is more like another attempt to hint Peres: Mr. President, keep your word. The last year, after the victory over Juventus in Cardiff, promised to increase Ronaldo’s salary, but never did until now. However, a month ago, Spanish newspaper AS reported that real Madrid intends to sign with the Portuguese contract on improved terms, his salary will rise to 30 million euros a year, “pure”, and this will all calm down.

While some fans at the ceremony commemorating victory in the Champions League and the choir chanting “Ronaldo stay,” the other on the newspaper’s website Marca choose what price would be fair in the sale of the Portuguese (the majority – 31 per cent would have asked for more than 200 million Euro), share your opinion, should the club try to keep Cristiano in Madrid. It is significant that 62 percent of the 79 thousand voters are sure that this is not worth it. Maybe this number includes the President of La Liga Javier Thebes, which today commented on the possibility of leaving Ronaldo from real Madrid: “My opinion is that Cristiano will remain in Madrid. But to be honest – five years ago, his probable departure bothered me much more.”

From “fish” is less more than likely to care Dani Zeballos, have not caught on in the capital of Spain – Betis and real Madrid are actively discussing the possibility of his return to Seville. There are rumors about Juventus and MATEO Kovacici – it is possible that the Croat is unhappy with the small amount of playing time, but with a healthy Kazimir, Kroos and Modric to in the middle of nowhere to take.


Of course, the list of potential recruits the “real” much more, but let’s talk about the most high-profile names. With the Brazilian just – his appearance in Madrid depend on Ronaldo if the Portuguese remains, the new “Prince” Neymar has become, if out, anything is possible. However, on the days it was a little fuel to the fire, stating that he always wanted to work with Guardiola, but in the case of Neymar, remembering his controversial move from Barcelona to PSG, words can be trusted the least.

The Argentine star, Juventus are long overdue for a new challenge, and if bale leaves, real Madrid will be one of the main contenders for Dibalo. Vacant after the departure of the Welshman can take place and Salah – the interest of real Madrid attacking midfielder “red” late last year told the head coach of the Egyptians Ektor Cooper and the President of the Football Association of Egypt ABO Rida, and after a fantastic second half of the season this interest was only to increase. Yes, in that case you will have a piquant situation – Ramos, in which Salah on Saturday received a shoulder injury, will be his teammate, but two people somehow got this.

Whoever comes nearest transfer window, one thing is clear – Florentino Perez is preparing a “real” big shake-up. In the beginning of the year the information appeared that they were going to spend on summer gain of 300 million euros. Given the bonuses from another victory in the Champions League and the money that will be raised after possible sales, it turns out a very tidy sum. There where carousing.

Yegor BYCHKOV, Sport-Express