Vadim Rabinovich

KIEV. July 19. UNN. With Odessa will start the revival of the country — in political, economic and social terms. This opinion was expressed by MP of Ukraine, leader of the political party “For life” Vadym Rabinovich during the press conference, which he gave to the Odessa mass media on Thursday, July 19, in the framework of his working trip to the region, reports UNN.

“Odessa is a unique city that I love very much, which I probably lived in a past life — I feel comfortable here as anywhere else. So I am sure that with Odessa we will begin the revival of Ukraine — in the political, economic and social terms”, — said the MP.

The politician said that on 25 July in a special edition of “Ukrainian format” on the TV channel NewsOne, he will present a program of bringing the country out of crisis. One of her points is to make Odessa, a European window of Ukraine, namely, to focus on the economic development of business in Odessa, on the granting of privileges and preferences South Palmyra, in particular, to develop in the free economic zone of the type “port”.

“I have submitted to the Verkhovna Rada the bill “Odessa — port”. This caused resentment on the part of our patriots. So I filed a second bill and called it “Odessa — Europe’s window of Ukraine”. It calmed our patriots, although neither the first nor second options they have not read. As a result, the law, unfortunately, is still not something that is not accepted — it was not even considered. How can this be explained? Obviously, the intellectual level of the current Parliament in General, heads of committees and especially the Chairman of the Parliament, they just don’t know what talk to them”, — said Vadym Rabinovich.

In confirmation of his words, the politician spoke about one of the situations when, during the consideration of the inclusion in the agenda of the bill on “Porto-Franco”, one of the participants in the discussion suggested that Vadim Rabinovich to make the free economic zone in Odesa, and Lviv.

“I listened to it and said: can, but only in Lviv there is no sea. That is the level of the head of the Committee. Therefore, I regret to say that we are sick, we are sick of these incompetent people who came in the Wake of the revolution, we are sick of those who do not want and can not run the country, those who does not associate themselves with Ukraine — they build houses for themselves abroad — in France, in Italy, in Spain, after the change of power quickly back to escape,” — says the MP.

Returning to Odessa, the politician recalled that after the events in the Crimea, in addition to Odessa we have no more ports where we could develop military and civilian fleet.

“So Odessa must be a special relationship, she must be a special development program. I’m sure that Odessa will begin the right course of economic revival of Ukraine”, — said the MP.