Cristiano Ronaldo. Photo: Reuters

Cristiano Ronaldo received the FIFA award player of the year, but not all voters have bet on the Portuguese. Talk about how the elections were held.

In the vote from Ukraine took part the head coach of the national team Andriy Shevchenko and her captain Andriy Pyatov. The opinions of our representatives slightly parted.

They agreed with each other that Cristiano Ronaldo is the best, but Buffon should be in the top three. But Pyatov was unexpectedly given a place on the podium midfielder of real Madrid Marcelo. Shevchenko decided that the three should be Messi.

Three Shevchenko: 1. Cristiano Ronaldo. 2. Messi. 3. Buffon.

Three Pyatov: 1. Cristiano Ronaldo. 2. Buffon. 3. Marcelo.


FIFA has published not only the results of the voting for best player of the year, but for best coach. They, predictably, a Zinedine Zidane – in an even-numbered year, when no major international tournaments, the victory usually goes to the winner of the Champions League. A “real” championship of Spain won. Of course, Cristiano gave the gold to Zidane and other places have put countrymen, including his former coach Jose Mourinho.

Three Cristiano Ronaldo: 1. Zidane. 2. Mourinho. 3. Jardim.

For the Portuguese reluctantly voted mostly did the players and coaches from cook Islands to Guinea-Bissau and Nepal. And the only journalist who made Mourinho the first, was a Scottish employee of the Sunday Times and the Daily Record Duncan Kastles. In the UK, this fact caused a strong reaction, because everyone knows of the Castles as a longtime fan of Mourinho.

Three Duncan Castles (the journalist from Scotland): 1. Mourinho. 2. Zidane. 3. Jardim.


In the list of nominees had a dozen coaches and, of course, some voters made non-obvious choices. For example, the captain of the national team of Poland Robert Lewandowski put in the first place Carlo Ancelotti. That awkward moment when you choose your coach, and he was derelict even before the announcement of the voting results.

The Three Lewandowski: 1. Ancelotti. 2. Zidane. 3. Lion.

Nepotism is thriving in Catalonia. Messi predictably gave gold and silver two coaches with whom he worked at Barcelona. Diego Simeone – best of the rest for the captain of Argentina.

The Trio Of Messi: 1. Luis Enrique. 2. Guardiola. 3. Simeon.

Some people seem to have reacted to the vote lightly. Either they have trivial view of football. Just rate the choice:

Three of Ildefons Lima (Andorra national team captain): 1. Pochettino. 2. Guardiola. 3. Ancelotti.

Three Kopman Martin (coach of Aruba): 1. Simeon. 2. Guardiola. 3. Titus.

The trio of Igor, Kriushenko (Belarus coach): 1. Pochettino. 2. Ancelotti. 3. Conte.


It’s boring and ugly, but two of the best football player of the century once again voted exclusively for its partners in the “Barcelona” or “real”. This continues for many years, and no one is not surprising. The cold war, which is already there. I wonder, incidentally, whether Neymar is still a player at Barcelona, when Messi voted? Probably not – it would have awarded the Brazilian gold.

The Trio Of Messi: 1. Luis Suarez. 2. Iniesta. 3. Neymar.

Three Cristiano Ronaldo: 1. Modric. 2. Sergio Ramos. 3. Marcelo.


Everyone knows that Neymar went to PSG because he wants to escape the shadow of Messi and win the Golden ball. But while he is far from it, because even his own coach thinks Neymar is not the strongest. Immensely respected in Brazil coach Titus did not follow the same principle as Messi with Ronaldo. I wonder what was the reaction of Neymar when he found out about it? We will add that the captain of the Brazil Dani Alves chose a partner on the national team.

Three Of Titus: 1. Cristiano Ronaldo. 2. Neymar. 3. Messi.

Three Dani Alves: 1. Neymar. 2. Messi. 3. Cristiano Ronaldo.


In Vanuatu the main Troll of world football, or the most devoted fan of the England team. A year ago a journalist from that Pacific States included in the trio of Vardy, Cristiano Ronaldo and Neuer. This time again he placed them on the striker of the English team – Kane. More striker, Tottenham no one gave gold.

Three Raymond NASA (journalist from Vanuatu): 1. Kane. 2. Cristiano Ronaldo. 3. Neymar.

Finally an unusual top three players from different corners of the Earth. Learn geography!

The trio of Yohan Cambivora (journalist from New Caledonia): 1. Sergio Ramos. 2. Cristiano Ronaldo. 3. Kant.

Three Michael Seume (journalist from Eritrea): 1. Neymar. 2. Aubameyang. 3. Alexis Sanchez.

The trio of Chris Coleman (the Wales coach): 1. Sergio Ramos. 2. Modric. 3. Kane.

The trio of Michael, Skibbe (coach of Greece): 1. Kroos. 2. E. Hazard. 3. Aubameyang.

Three of Richard Orel (head coach, Belize): 1. Lewandowski. 2. Buffon. 3. Iniesta.

Three Bira of Maharjan (captain of Nepal): 1. Ibrahimovic. 2. Griezmann. 3. Cristiano Ronaldo.

Three Mario HART (captain of the national team of Barbados): 1. Aubameyang. 2. Griezmann. 3. Neuer.

Three Chen Eva (captain of the national team of Taiwan): 1. Ibrahimovic. 2. Marcelo. 3. Alexis Sanchez.

Gosha CHERNOV, Sport-Express