The Ukrainian diplomat and Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko called for tougher sanctions against Russia and to maintain the presence of Western countries in the Black sea.

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Canada, Andriy Shevchenko spoke about the prospects for the release of the sailors of the Navy from Russian captivity, informs “Диалог.UA”.

In his opinion, the authorities of the Russian Federation and Vladimir Putin personally was constantly looking for any reason to aggravate the situation in the Kerch Strait.

“We expect that Canada will help us to consolidate international support. We want to return our sailors and the ship. We also want guarantees of free passage on the Kerch Strait,” – said Shevchenko.

In other words, Ukraine is going to unite the international community to effectively counter the aggressor in the Azov and Black seas.

Recall that Canada has condemned the aggressive attack by Russia on Ukraine in the Kerch Strait.

Previously Poroshenko said that the only way to return the captured Russian sailors to Ukraine.