Putin behind the wheel of a KAMAZ has opened the Crimean bridgeVladimir Putin (right) / Photo: NTV / YouTube

Car traffic on the bridge will start early in the morning of 16 may

15.05.18 455500

Russian occupation authorities with the personal participation of President Vladimir Putin officially opened the car traffic on the Crimean bridge, which connects the Peninsula was annexed by Kuban. About it writes RBC.

In the framework of the opening ceremony, Putin visited the control center, which will be around the clock to control the operation of the bridge and talked to the workers who built it. After that, the Russian President behind the wheel of a KAMAZ truck drove across the bridge with the convoy of construction equipment.

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Vehicular traffic on the Crimean bridge for ordinary Russians will open may 16 at 05:30. The maximum speed limit on the bridge will be 90 km/h.

Recall the construction of Crimean bridge began in February 2016.

The Ministry of infrastructure of Ukraine monitors all companies operating in the construction of the Kerch bridge Russia annexed Crimea, and includes them in the list of sanctions.

Earlier Volodymyr Omelian announced that because of the bridge Kerch Ukraine is losing tens of millions of hryvnia. And the Director of the Mariupol commercial seaport Oleksandr Oliynyk predicted that due to the construction of the bridge Kerch to Mariupol now can’t get 144 of the vessel, which previously worked port.