Work of psychologists is very popular in Ukraine – they work in various fields.
Ukrainian psychologists is celebrated / pixabay.somehost celebrated Ukrainian day psychologist. Ukrainian psychologists celebrate their professional holiday.

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The work of psychologists in demand in Ukraine — professional psychologists work in the fields of medicine, education, advertising (including political), as well as in the armed forces and government departments.

Psychologists assist those who have suffered from war in Eastern Ukraine, or have lost her loved ones. Often, psychologists provide such assistance on a voluntary basis. Increasingly popular with each passing year becomes among Ukrainians and recourse to private specialists to resolve identity crises.

Psychologist day April 23 — young and yet informal occasion. However, this is an excellent opportunity to congratulate your colleagues or friends who devoted his life to this difficult and important profession.

Greetings in the day of the psychologist

The network is available with a lot of creative greetings with the day of the psychologist.

I will not go into concepts

Reason, where good and evil where,

But the truth will say, in a friendly:

Us psychologist, lucky to have you.

You are all so serious and thoughtful,

Help for people and me

Let you become the most hyped

Of the psychologists in this country!


On the Day of the psychologist and wish positive,

To smile all the people you helped

To all problems, simply and beautifully

Every day customers decide!

I wish that you all could,

To grow your revenues skyward!

To your soul of joy laughing

And was always happy your life is!


The soul will heal?

Who problems won’t solve anything.

Who knows what’s gnawing at us,

Life will teach and help?

There’s this psychologist,

Let sometimes kolok,

But the solution you will find,

The mind in order leads.

I Congratulate Desevedavy

Happy holiday, from all my heart!

And wish you many years of

Happiness, joy, love!


Day psychologist! Let it be

In your life everything is OK:

Let them understand faster people

No profession is more important.

All psychologist will explain,

All help and understand.

May your soul rejoice!

Let all you’re lucky!

Pictures on the day of the psychologist

To congratulate a psychologist with the professional holiday and using the electronic cards, which are also available online.

Earlier, the psychologist assessed the behavior Poroshenko and Zelensky in the debate on 19 April.