Prove it. Why for the killing on may 2 in Odessa no one will answer

I probably should have waited a lot to expect from the process, the members of which we have no reason to trust


The black sea district court in the case of clashes in the Greek area of Odessa on may 2, 2014 bad is not what this decision is and not another. The bad thing is that we don’t know why.

If you believe the court, the prosecution was poorly prepared evidence, the result is nothing definite about the degree of guilt of the accused say it was impossible. Just had to let go. Can this be? Knowing our investigators — easily.

Maybe the court was biased and specifically find fault with the prosecutors, destroying their slender evidence base? Knowing our courts, common.

Maybe the court was bad, and the evidence base is flawed? It happens. Even more often it is true.

Maybe the court weighed those who have the ability to exert pressure on the court to take the right decision to someone. On the contrary, the court showed firmness and did not succumb to pressure, assessing the arguments of the parties on merit. So, too, sometimes.

But what happens is that no one was to blame for the death of six people, occurred in front of hundreds of other people Sunny day in the middle of a big city. Not even the hundreds — the hundreds of thousands because then and later many watched the stream from the event, videos and photos from mobile phones. Here are the shots, that’s death.

Not proven.

“We have in the eyes of justice slapped upside the head and ran away”

Absolutely demoralising and disorienting effect on citizens of Ukraine has Western cinema, where criminals find a button, piece of nail or a random reflection in a night window reflection in the puddle captured by the DVR passing car. Find for a matter of hours without delay. Or, on the contrary, after fifteen years in spite of a long simple trail and lost material evidence. But find and prove. Justice triumphs.

We look, and so we also want. Let not always and not everywhere. Even if only about what happened a Sunny day in front of everyone.

And yet in the eyes of justice slapped upside the head and ran away. And we do not know why, as in fact it was this time who made a special effort, or, conversely, tried to make the minimum. Or not tried, but simply cannot do it differently.

But somebody definitely screwed up, no question. And a feeling that we are with you, because I hoped that this court and is the result when this power is able to find the truth and restore justice. We’re screwed. Again, for the umpteenth time.