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Just a few weeks ago a well-known worldwide American businessman Elon Musk is once again presented his new invention: Raptor rocket engine for superheavy launch vehicle Starship. Musk then announced to the world that his engine is at the test pressure level in the combustion chamber has exceeded a rocket engine Russian-made RD-180.

The most important point in that statement, Elon musk is that the United States of America finally became independent from Russian supplies of engines, which are still, in fact since the beginning of the space age, the United States enjoyed throughout this time, and all launch vehicles, the U.S. used the Russian engines. Now, however, declared Max, America has its own technology, and even superior to the Russian.

But who is this Elon Musk is that he managed to solve the perennial problem of U.S. dependence on Russia in the space sector? Here is what you should pay attention to in this whole Saga.

Elon Musk in essence is a very beautiful media project, created to cover the withdrawal of technologies, which for many years was developed inside the American state of the company NASA.

As a result of huge investment, long development was resolved the fundamental task of creating a new American engine. And when it became apparent that the group of designers, engineers, specialists together with the technical documentation was removed from the NASA, which was created after a media person, a successful entrepreneur with a high social status, which is almost every month presents a new machine and missiles.

Here you need to pay attention to what was applied know-how in this story: persona Mask by proposing to the market has given Tesla the opportunity to present this man as supernovacore, a man of the 21st century, a man who primarily thinks at the level of all humanity, which solves a huge humanitarian challenges. And here formed a positive image almost superhuman in the result output technology, which is essentially owned by the government of the United States, in a private company.

This is a successful project of privatization of public firms in the United States. After all, in order to develop the technology of the rocket engine needed was a huge economic effort of the whole state: for many years stood out crazy money for payment of skilled engineers, designers and theorists who could not with this task to cope with. And here they are for many, many years tried to solve this problem. That is, investing in this project is enormous, and they only state with existing resources.

As a result, the final stage of this technology just goes to waste, since she was not even sold to a public company, NASA and private company SpaceX. Simply in the company of Elon musk is now working the whole team of leading experts from NASA who went over to him, taking from the state Agency all documentation.

It is clear that the operation, conducted under the guidance of U.S. authorities, that only confirms the silence of all American law enforcement. The operation, which will result in what is now the US budget now will always pay a private company SpaceX, for the manufacture of engines and boosters.

The most important thing in this story is that the technology of privatization implemented in such a way that in the minds of men the fact of placing into private hands the public expensive technology, paid for by taxpayers ‘ money, was regarded as a big victory for U.S., victory for American guy who suddenly “collected on a knee” the launcher, which I could not do for decades the US government.

Musk and his SpaceX presented to the world as a victory for the American dream, where the United States once again become the leaders to which the eyes and hopes of mankind, which are again at the forefront of thoughts and on top of the implementation of the global human dream of space exploration. This is a very interesting solution method cover of the RAID on the output state of technology in the hands of a private company.