The robots gradually become a part of our everyday life – they become more independent. Ubiquitous robotics is clamoring for the creation of a new, special “language” of communication between people and machines.

Communication, as is known, confined to the spoken words. It is not less important part is the facial expression and tone of voice that carry additional context for understanding the topic of conversation. All this taken into account when creating a new generation of robots.

One of such projects is being developed by Rethink Robotics and was named Baxter. Its essence – in unit instead of a robotic head display with a pair of animated eyes. The position of the eyes, the audience can determine that the robot is going to do next. In particular, looking at one of his hands, he will understand that now begin to perform the action clear to the people around him. And these attempts to expand our ability to communicate with robots is the most important step towards the integration of machines into society.