The national team of Ukraine on football can be counted technical defeat in the qualification matches of Euro 2020, with Portugal and Luxembourg. According to media reports, the local Federation has violated the rules of naturalization of the Brazilian Junior Moraes, who took part in both meetings. The football Federation of Ukraine (FFU) believe that fulfilled the requirements and has complied with all applicable laws.

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“There is no doubt that the procedure has not been violated”

The information that the Ukrainian team can be awarded a technical defeat in the first two matches of UEFA Euro 2020, appeared in the Portuguese press. Edition Maisfutebol reported that the Ukrainians had violated the rules governing the naturalization of Brazilian Junior Moraes. Supposedly instead of the required five years since reaching 18 years of age, the player has lived in Ukraine for only four years and eight months.

The striker joined the cast of Metalurh Donetsk in February 2011, but then a year went to Bulgaria, then returned to metallurg.

Later, Moraes defended the colors of the local clubs — Kiev “Dynamo” and “miner”, which is still, though in 2017 for a few months, went to the Chinese “Tianjin Coinstar”.

This did not prevent Junior in March of this year to obtain a Ukrainian passport and immediately debut as part of the local team.

The legislation in this case was not violated, since the law “On citizenship of Ukraine” stipulates that the person receiving the document must have resided in the country for five years, but it has the right to a one-time check for 90 days and the total for the year to 180.

However, the FIFA statutes this moment details are not spelled out. The document States only the following:

“The player is entitled to play for the national team of the Association, if you have lived continuously for at least five years upon reaching the age of 18 on the territory of the relevant Association”.

Accordingly, FIFA may have questions to Moraes. However, in the Federation the situation has not commented.

But in the UFF said that the player was naturalized legally.

“We investigated the situation around Moraes. There is no doubt that the naturalization process was not violated. Has complied with all positions of the law of Ukraine “On citizenship of Ukraine”. Junior Moraes was not violated relevant rules of stay in the country established the law of Ukraine “On citizenship” and the tax code… FIFA when determining the adequacy of the period of permanent residence in the country refers to national legislation”, — quotes the words of the tribune, General Secretary of football Federation of Ukraine Yuri Zapisannogo.

Moraes social networks just thanked the fans for their support.

“No one said it would be easy, but in my life all the victories were associated with the obstacles and hard work. Thanks to everyone who welcomed me with great joy. We achieved an amazing victory in the match with Luxembourg. We are together! Glory to Ukraine,” wrote the footballer in Instagram.

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Nhto not saying scho TSE bude easy, but in Momo it all de I Peremoga, Bulo s Mahatma Stickam I neproshenoy work. Thank you everyone knows, what does hto primal mene s great radosty, sogodni mi Mali Delavigne Peremoga. We are together! Glory To Ukraine.???⚽On!!!

Publication from Junior Moraes (@jrmoraes10) 25 Mar 2019 4:50 PM PDT

“National regulations do not supersede the requirements of FIFA”

However, not everyone is convinced that this situation will not end the Ukrainian national team for the introduction of sporting sanctions. Well-known sports lawyer Mikhail Prokopets, believes that the situation is problematic for the Ukrainian team.

“National rules can’t change the rules of the international Federation. Even if Junior Moraes received a passport of citizen of Ukraine, to play for the team he can only be subject to the rules of FIFA. I can’t say what will cause this situation, but then there is a problem”, — quotes Prokopto “championship”.

And the Ukrainian sports lawyer Yuri Yurchenko, however, confident that FIFA is unlikely to reconsider its own decision on allowing Moraes to change sports citizenship.

“FIFA, in the person of the Committee on the status of football itself, in fact, Moraes made a decision to change its Association and soccer with Brazilian nationality in Ukrainian. Therefore, the possibility of reviewing this decision depends on those arguments, based on which FIFA considered that the requirement of continuous residence are met. In the FIFA regulations there is no guidance on the application of local laws. As a rule, for FIFA in the priority of its own regulations. In paragraph d of article 7 of the regulations governing the application of the FIFA statutes States that a player must have lived in the country continuously for at least five years. And nothing about national legislation,” — said Yurchenko.


At the same time in connection with the awarding Moraes Ukrainian passport and his subsequent call to the national team, many local fans have any questions, because the Brazilian’s hard to call a young and promising footballer. At the age of 31, he became one of the oldest debutants in the history of the national team.


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And in Kiev Junior and do I hate. Local Dynamo striker spent three years and not once swore in love to the club, however, in the summer of 2018 moved into the camp of the irreconcilable opponent of the blue and white — “Shakhtar”.

After that, the players of “Dynamo” in the match for the Supercup of the country refused to shake the player’s hand before the game.

It is worth noting that in Ukraine, as in Russia, in recent years, did not hesitate to reinforce the team at the expense of foreigners. Currently, the company Moraes in the team is another Brazilian player of Shakhtar — 30-year-old Marlos, which plays in the Ukrainian Premier League for seven years.

The first player from abroad, who played for the national team of Ukraine became the Serb Marko Devic. The forward of Kharkiv “Metalist” received a passport of the country in the summer of 2008 and has subsequently played for the local national team in 35 matches in which he scored seven goals.

In the “yellow-Blakytny” Devic even took part in the home Championships.

And in 2011 for the Ukrainian national team made its debut, the Brazilian Edmar. A native of Mogi das Cruzes moved to Tavriya from Simferopol in 2003, and then moved to the “Metalist”, the color of which was defended for eight years.

In Ukraine, the Brazilian not only has developed as a footballer, but has found family happiness. In 2008 he married the Crimea Tatyana Golovskoy and took a double surname Galovski de Lacerda. Three years later, the athlete got his citizenship, and in the midst of the conflict in the Donbas by mistake was almost drafted into the army.