Monday, March 11, will be held in Kiev press conference of Hollywood film Director Mary Lambert.

Meet the press devoted to the filming of a documentary about Yulia Tymoshenko called “Believe!”

The press conference will also be attended by the editor and 2nd film’s Director, Sean Thompson and Executive producer of the crew in Eastern Europe Christina Kusch.

Venue: Kyiv, vul. Tithes, 12, ArtHall D12, 7th floor.

Beginning at 12.00.

Telephone for media inquiries: (096) 437-83-87 (Christina Kushch)

The Director Mary Lambert on his page in Facebook said: “After the release of my documentary “14 women” about the women of the U.S. Senate, which was attended by then-Senator Hillary Clinton, I wanted to make another film about women in leadership. My research led me to Julia and her touching stories, which serves as a metaphor for the struggle of women for leadership positions and confirmation of what I truly believe women’s voices are very important for the survival of planet Earth.”