“Olympic” plans in the spring part of the championship play at the Arena Lviv. Photo From archive “SE”

The resumption of the season not far off, but still one hundred percent not clear where they will play some of our Premier League clubs.

First of all it concerns Olimpik Donetsk – a-kind unique person, not having been in a private renovated in 2013, the stadium any match in the Premier League. Now the team plan to play at the Arena Lviv.

“Olympic”, beginning with the 2014-15 season, took rivals on the field UTK named after Viktor Bannikov. Holds it a bit, but based in the capital and trains in the surrounding area of Donetsk club with his incredible popularity in Kiev and a half thousand seats missing. But some matches, especially against Dynamo, just moved to the more spacious arena.

This summer, the stadium named after Bannikov decided to reconstruct on 7 June when the draw for the calendar of the championship, which began July 22, the “Olympic” took the grid in a fixed position, the holder which held the first home match on 7 August.

It was believed that to this day the arena will be ready. But, as usual, to complete the reconstruction of the time did not, and “Olimpik” took “Star” of Kropiwnicki Kropiwnicki in, agreeing that in the second match, the teams change places. It is interesting that the team won and this was the reason for the resignation of the head coach “Stars” Sergey Lavrinenko.

The next home match on August 20 against the “Alexandria” “Olympic” held in Sumy already in the cozy “Jubilee.” 11 September in the presence of more than seven thousand spectators Roman Sanjar’s charges broke there Dnipro – 3:0. September 24 at Dynamo came almost 14 million viewers and on October 15, Shakhtar – more than 9 thousand.

“Marseille” in Sumy obviously liked, and the club President Vladyslav helzin said then that not against to finish on the “Jubilee” until the end of the season.


The problems started when home games “Olympic” began to overlap on the calendar with home games of FC “Sumy”. Field stood up with incredible labour, receiving from inspectors of the Troika unchanged, but still as-that kept. Although Chornomorets November 19, has already played in the swamp, refusing to carry the game in Odessa.

And then came the frosts. 4 Dec match of the 17th round “Olimpik” – “Karpaty” did not take place. Referee Dmitry Kutakov evaluated the condition of the lawn and decided that to play here is impossible. Lviv club went home, and arrived in Sumy Lviv ultras was very upset and plenty of show off in the stands.

By the way, about the weather conditions it was known in advance, and for several days there were rumors that the match could be moved to Lviv. However further conversations business is not has gone. “Ukraine” was simply not ready to such turn of events, and the “arena Lviv” supposedly asked for unreasonable, according to the “Olympic” money. Although it was possible to play, if just 4 of December, Shakhtar take on the “Arena Lviv”, “Steel” and just would not agree to the transfer?

Broke and options with the Dnieper “Meteor” (denied “Steel”!), with the Kiev “Dynamo” named after Valeriy lobanovskyi and Lutsk, “Avangard”. In a similar situation, but with the native stadium could get “Star”, however, managed to negotiate with the Zaporozhye, “Slavutich-Arena”, sold already… 253 a ticket to the Derby with “Alexandria”.

Suits for violation of the regulations, was threatened with defeat. But by that time it broke two Cup match, in Poltava and Okhtyrka, did not want to create an unfavorable picture, and all these failed games just moved. Here’s the hitch: heated on silver (the rules in this plan are met), just don’t turn it on. But to enable it you need a week before the game, and a day of work costs about 75 thousand hryvnias.

Such costs one was not ready. And who is to blame? Date Cup fixtures Poltava – Shakhtar Donetsk and Naftovyk – Dynamo is already known – April 5. With a League game still to be determined. As with the meeting place.


Throughout January had been rumors that in the spring part of the championship “Olympic” will play at “Arena Lviv” – she asked less than the “Dnipro-arena”. This stadium has terminated the contract “Shakhtar” moved to Kharkiv, and in Lviv, having lost 46 percent (!) annual income, would like something to fill the void. Some of Karpaty and non-football events are not enough. The stadium should work.

“Very high energy stadium. There is an expensive network, which cannot be inhibited or disabled in some periods. They should work even if there is no events. Just for electricity per month we need a minimum of 300 thousand hryvnias”, – commented acting Director of the Arena Lviv Yevgeny Bolkun.

However, to reach an agreement with Marseille failed. It is clear that the matter of finances. The stadium has its own bottom bracket, to fall below which it is simply uneconomical.

But opportunities are not unlimited. Money for rent after all, did not discourage. If the last four home games of FC Karpaty came from 1200 to 1900 fans on the last match Shakhtar – 641, you can imagine how many are on the “Olympic”. The rental costs add transportation costs…

The situation came to a standstill, and some emotions expressed in the phrase of Vladislav Gelzin someone perceived as a threat to withdraw from the championship. It is not so: the President just talked about the complexity of the situation. Had to intervene in the case to the higher authorities – the President of FFU Andrew Pavelko and the Premier League’s President Vladimir Geninson.

There is agreement in principle that the next two home games – with “Steel” on February 25 with FC Vorskla Poltava (basic day – March 11), “Olimpik” will play at “Arena Lviv” (though in the same round, and Karpaty play at home, and load on the box you get a solid). After will move to the facility named after Viktor Bannikov. By April, when starts the second stage of the championship, there already needs to be prepared. On Bannikova tested the scoreboard is heated, it remains to sign the documents on putting the stadium in operation.

And in the long term “Olympic” plans to move to Boryspil. At the local stadium “Kolos” major League already played, but the Premier League demands to arenas more stringent. The management of “Olympic” understands this and is ready in the spring to spend with the city, talks about the reconstruction of the arena the joint forces to the Donetsk club played there on a regular basis.

While waiting for this weekend the return of the “Olympic” gathering in Turkey and his first game with the “Steel” to “Arena Lviv”. Interestingly, the site of the stadium of information about this game yet, although the match “Karpaty” – “Alexandria” on March 4 (base day) is already marked. I hope this is just a small technical misunderstanding.


Outside the home are forced to play home matches and Kamenskaya “Steel”. On returning to his hometown this season, no one speaks. Not very realistic, it at all this year. So the team of Leonid Kuchuk will continue to be based in Kiev and opponents to take in the river on a “meteor”.

Many were frightened by the information that “Steel” is supposedly going to move in the “Dnepr-Arena”, but the President of the club Vardan Israelian fears were dispelled:

I don’t know where did these rumors. In fact, according to the regulations, the Premier League team should state not only the main stadium but also a backup. There are different force majeure situations from which nobody is insured. We came to the conclusion that it is advisable to declare as a reserve stadium “Dnepr-Arena”.

Understand that it is the home stadium of Dnipro, and nobody pretends to go to their house. If later for some reason the “Dnepr” will not play in its arena, we will again raise this question and decide – should we move from a “Meteor” in the “Dnepr-Arena” or not? Currently no agreement about what we are going to take their opponents on “Dnipro-Arena” does not exist”.


Much more pleasant chores “Alexandria”. Having experienced a taste of European competition, though it lasted happiness is short-lived and flew for the cast of “Nicky” in accordance with the regulations of the UEFA a pretty penny, the club once again strives to Europe and preparing for it in advance.

After the installation of turnstiles, new lighting system, automatic watering of the field, additional entrance, increasing the number of toilets and fast food, the club management decided to change the scoreboard on a perfect. The work of boiling.

And in the summer or late fall, when it’s time to start the competition, think about the stadium and “dawn”. It seems that the bringing to mind “Slavutich-Arena” for obvious in the former Soviet space reasons will cost two times more expensive than anywhere in Western Europe.

In Odessa, Luhansk have been burned, and to repeat the sad experience don’t want. Consequently, playing “dawn” will be somewhere else.

Eugene BELOZEROV, Sport-Express in Ukraine