KIEV. 12 Feb. UNN. Maternity leave payments in 2018 can count all pregnant women, however, the amount of payments will depend on the status of women and the size of her income. About it in the comments UNN the lead expert social and gender programs, “Razumkov Center” Olga pishchulina.

“In accordance with the Law of Ukraine ”On state assistance to families with children“ the right to receive cash payments in connection with pregnancy and childbirth in 2018, has every pregnant woman, but the amount of assistance and the procedure of its receipt will depend on the status of women (whether the woman is studying whether self-employed, military or unemployed) and the size of her income,” she said.

As the expert said, for working women the law provides for payments in the amount of 100% of the average wage, provided once during the entire period of maternity leave. The amount of maternity benefits depends on two factors: average daily wages and the number of calendar days of maternity leave.

“Unfortunately, there are cases when the expectant mother is forced to stay in the hospital (to ”save“ or in need of treatment of pathology of pregnancy). In this case, in accordance with the law “On compulsory state social insurance”, issued by the hospital, on the basis of the payment of benefits for temporary disability, not care in connection with pregnancy and childbirth,” said pishchulin.

As she added, the size of payments for temporary disability depends on the insurance period:

  • 50% of the average wage in the insurance period up to 3 years;
  • 60% of the average wage in the insurance experience 3-5 years
  • 70% of the average wage in the insurance experience 5-8 years
  • 100% of the average wage — insurance experience more than 8 years.

Assistance to those who are studying — graduate students, doctoral candidates, students of higher educational institutions of I-IV accreditation level and vocational schools — is granted in the amount of the monthly scholarship.

“In this case the woman decides that she will receive social assistance or a scholarship,” explained the leading expert of the social and gender programs, “Razumkov Center”.

Physical persons – entrepreneurs who receive social assistance, subject to the payment of the single social contribution. The expert drew attention to the fact that until January 1, 2016, for assistance in connection with pregnancy and childbirth, women entrepreneurs have to pay the single contribution for the increased rate.

“Women entrepreneurs was not insured persons and, accordingly, was not entitled to receive sick leave during the period of illness or in the case of leave for pregnancy and childbirth. Today to receive maternity benefits a private entrepreneur enough to pay the unified social tax and not have the debt,” pishchulin said.

Non-working women as maternity allowance is paid of 25% of subsistence minimum (PM) limit for able-bodied persons, who in 2018 is:

Recall, women have given births in the period from 2004 to 2013, who were on maternity leave, again will count seniority.