Alexander Povetkin. Photo: Reuters

It is almost agreed by the managers of the boxers, the fight is expected in September.

Alexander Povetkin was going to a big title fight in almost five years. In 2016 he was closer than ever, but Deontay Wilder to Moscow has not arrived.

After wasted months and nerves Vityaz, it seems, will have a new chance.

His fight with Anthony Joshua has never been so possible as it is now.


“The meeting with Eddie Hinnom was great. We are still in negotiations for a fight in September. About the place of the battle hope to reach an understanding at the end of the month. I think Joshua wants to fight Povetkin or Wilder – with one of them, but we don’t know whether Wilder actually someone to fight,” said Vadim Kornilov, the Manager of Alexander Povetkin.

This means that the battle between Alexander and Anthony is likely to take place. Himself a British champion it did not want and did not hide their relationship. He has repeatedly admitted that he was not interested in this game, and it can be understood. He’s already killed a lot of applicants. The only step forward for him now – a unification fight with DevTeam Wilder. This fight is necessary not only to Anthony and Denote, and heavy weight per se, and the world of Boxing in General.

2018 while it turns out to be very generous serious fights compared to 2017, especially after the cancellation of the rematch Golovkin and Alvarez. Last season in addition to Gennady and Canelo were organized such mega-fights like Joshua, Wladimir Klitschko, Sergey Kovalev, Andre ward, Keith Thurman, Danny Garcia, Errol Spence – Kell brook, and the fight of Floyd Mayweather with Conor McGregor with all its ambiguity is not interesting and not important as you can get. This year nothing yet and close. Wilder – Joshua – that’s exactly what Boxing needs right now.

But to organize such a fight, Anthony – the world champion under three versions, and titles these need to be protected, those are the rules. Constantly messing unification fights impossible. In command of the British giant understand it, there are intelligent and practical people, headed by Eddie Hinnom. Recently, the most successful promoter of great Britain met with the promoter of Povetkin, and something agreed. What big bosses are not reported, but surely the fact that their wards will fight. What else could they negotiate?


For Povetkin this fight is the last chance to go down in history as one of the best boxers of his generation. Not even necessarily to win, draw or lose a close decision the judges will make it so. If he will give the most competitive fight of Joshua in all of his 23 opponents – that means he, at least, no worse than the late Klitschko and the Queen of Joseph Parker, and the two – elite heavy weight.

Fight with Joshua – the key to legacy of Alexander. While his career was just one really huge fight with Wladimir Klitschko. Could be the second – DevTeam Wilder, but the American at the last moment refused to fly to Moscow due to a positive doping test knight for Meldonium. To win then Alexander could do: he was on a series of four victories in a row by Ko against very strong opponents and, more importantly, two years younger.

Joshua in 2018, likely much less. The British very cleverly works in the ring and not just chopped, like Wilder. The kick Anthony no weaker than anyone’s on the planet. If Joshua gets on his feet can not stand either one heavyweight in the world. Another thing is that the British in the last battles was noticeably heavier than he was a year or two ago, which was slower. Parker used it and skillfully evaded his attacks for 12 rounds. This victory is not enough, but for the first time in his career, Joshua did not send the opponent even in a knockdown. Povetkin to have chance, we should act about the same, but to be more accurate. To beat great Briton on points in his homeland is almost impossible, but we must try, because to play in the open is death. It is fraught even with David price, what can I say about Joshua.

The positive thing for Povetkin is that for him this fight is a win – win project. It can only improve the current situation. Defeat will not hurt his reputation, if not by a knockout in the early rounds. Even if Alexander loses, the chance to win a world championship, he still will continue. What prevents his promotion company, for example, invite to Moscow Manuel Carra, who now holds the title of the regular champion of WBA?

A German of Syrian origin will probably arrive in the Russian capital for a rematch with Alexander according to first call. And, of course, will lose again. He’s just much slower and worse equipped than Povetkin. Will have knight zone, but business not in it. The thing is, to fight the best, and for now, Joshua and Wilder.

Mikhail POTAPOV, the Sport-Express