Buildings evacuated more than 300 people.
Police found no explosives in a shopping center and boutique hotel in Odessa / National Police of UkraineСообщения about mining Mall “New Supply” and boutique hotel in Odessa have not been confirmed.

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As reported the UNIAN in head Department of the national police in the Odessa region, the shopping center on Panteleymonovskaya street and the surrounding area checked out.

“During the inspection were evacuated more than 300 employees and visitors. Explosive devices and substances were not detected,” – said in the Chapter.

Also completed validation of a boutique hotel in Nekrasova lane, where evacuated 17 people. The message about mining was also not confirmed.

As reported the UNIAN, today the police received the message about the mining in the center of Odessa boutique hotel and two shopping and entertainment centers – “the New Privoz” (the street) and “Kador” (Catherine). The message about the mining of “Cawdor,” from which evacuated more than 700 people, also has not been confirmed.