Photo, video, post-Apocalypse today: in California, a festival dedicated to the “Mad max”Photo: The Guardian

Wasteland Weekend has existed since 2011

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In the Mojave desert in southern California, USA, was the largest post-apocalyptic festival dedicated to the universe of the movie “Mad Max”. He collects fans of the series since 2011. About it writes The Guardian.

Originally in the wilderness came only a desperate enthusiasts, but now it’s a global event, which attracts from all over the world.

Photo: wastelandweekend

Attendance slightly: gotta love Mad max and dress up in the style of “post-Apocalypse”. Those who come unprepared and too clean, the guards offer izvalyalsya in the sand.

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The venue of the festival is symbolic. It is the territory between the nuclear test site in Nevada, where in 1951 during the cold war experienced a total of 928 nuclear warheads, and Hollywood, where he made the last of the movies “knight rider” with Tom hardy in the title role.

“Going to the Badlands, you leave your real life behind, not worried about traffic jams and bills. People at the time, leaving the reality and there appears that is best in human nature,” says Eric Davidson, an IT specialist from California.

This time the festival was hosted iconic Dome of Thunder, people could drive on the desert and feel like a hero of the cult film or a computer game.

Photo: wastelandweekend

The first film about Mad max came out in 1979. The main role is played by Mel Gibson. The picture has spent a total of 300 thousand Australian dollars, but it attracted more than one hundred million and became a cult.

Later came two more of the film with Gibson as max Rockatansky! After a long break in 2015 in rolling out the picture, where the main roles are played by Tom hardy and Charlize Theron. In the same year made a computer game called Mad Max in the genre of action-adventure with open world and race to the bottom.

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