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The President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and presidential candidate Vladimir Zelensky the evening of April 11 gave verbal sparring in a live TV channel “1+1” on where and when to debate.

Poroshenko came to the Studio to participate in the program “Right to rule”, where, speaking, invited Zelensky “right now” to the debate in the Studio. However, it turned out that Zelensky at this moment is in Paris, where tomorrow he and Poroshenko meeting with President of France by Macron. In the end, Vladimir Zelensky made contact by phone with the Studio, after which his dialogue with Poroshenko escalated into a verbal argument.

— If you Russian more clear… I wish you had the opportunity to hear the answer, because this is not a debate — Poroshenko.

— I’m 19, Zelensky.

— Mister Zelensky, allow you to answer, otherwise this is not a debate… I did not interrupt, — Poroshenko.

— Peter, again, 19 numbers, 19 April, at the NSC “Olympic” will be a debate. Want now are now, but I invite you 19th, — Zelensky.

— Are you finished? Have patience to listen to his opponent, — Poroshenko.

— I graduate in 5 years, and you’re finished 22nd, — Zelensky.

— Are you finished? — Poroshenko.

You again want to repeat? — Zelensky.

— Are you finished? — Poroshenko.

— Third time you say? — Zelensky.

— We might have something. Vladimir, I listened to your statement and now I speak, you hear me? — Poroshenko.

— I have the pleasure to welcome 19 April at “Olympic”, — Zelensky.

— I think we have a communication problem because Vladimir can’t hear us, he hears only himself, — Poroshenko.

— No, I have no problem with communication, I have no problem with the people of Ukraine, I think that you have a problem, — Zelensky.

In the end, Poroshenko tried to convince Zelensky come to the debate on the “Olympic” on April 14, but he again said he will come to the debate on the stadium on April 19, then put up: “on the 19th, at the NSC “Olympic” goodbye”.

After that Petro Poroshenko added: “I clearly emphasize that for a week of Mr. Zelensky on the 14th invite to the debates at the national stadium. There it will wait and watch the whole country. If he had more important things to do then that’s his business.”