Andrew seaman Beginners about two years spent in prison of Tehran on trumped-up charges of incitement to suicide of a citizen of Iran, which went on the same ship. According to some, the local authorities specially the “sew business” Ukrainians to force Kiev to go on their terms.

Petro Poroshenko signed the document of pardon accused of espionage Iranian student Ali Jabala. It is expected to return the exchange for a sailor from Odessa Andrei Novichkova, according to “Диалог.UA”.

Colleague Novichkova sailor from Iran fell overboard Arezoo, after which the Ukrainian was accused of incitement to suicide. Interestingly, the Iranian legislation does not make much of a difference between suicide and deprivation of human life in both cases, the guilty awaiting execution or hanging. And while the international team Arezoo in one voice asserted that the tragic accident was not the fault of Andrew, he was imprisoned.

Meanwhile, earlier in Kharkov, was arrested by Iranian student Ali Jadwal on charges of espionage. There is reason to believe that the Ukrainian Newcomers accidentally caught under the hand of the investigating authorities of Tehran and the case was fabricated to force Kiev to release Gabala.

About two years seaman was imprisoned in a foreign country, without the help and support of loved ones. All this time the family never stopped believing that I will be able to take him home: beat all the bells, collected signatures, attracted social activists and human rights defenders staged a street protest.

Now there is hope for a happy ending to this story.

We will remind, the state Duma of the Russian Federation arrogantly said France and Germany to call for the release from Russian captivity sailors APU.