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For 2018 Ukrainian politicians spent on television advertising more than 647 million, of which approximately 568 million UAH — the cost of broadcast political advertising with the participation of or on the order of candidates in presidents of Ukraine. It is reported by the Public movement “Chesno”.

As noted in the study, the total cost of advertising of Petro Poroshenko, Alexander Shevchenko and Yulia Tymoshenko was 68% of total expenditure on advertising on TV all the presidential candidates.

The most on advertising last year, spent the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko — 174,9 million UAH, that is one third of the expenditures of all candidates. He also became the leader in terms of advertising among future participants in the presidential race.

Almost on a par with him were Alexander Shevchenko. Videos from each of these candidates appeared on the air more than 4 thousand times. The three leaders came and Yulia Tymoshenko with more than 2.5 thousands of impressions.

The high costs of Petro Poroshenko can be explained as the volume of advertising and its value on those channels that it was broadcast: it was just 12 channels.

In addition to Poroshenko, the threshold of UAH 100 million on advertising overcame Yulia Tymoshenko. Its ads on TV for a year would cost roughly 126,8 million. This amount close to that indicated in the annual report of the party “Fatherland” — 120 million UAH for the placement of television advertising in 2018.

Alexander Shevchenko spent on television advertising 86.4 million UAH. In the five of leaders included also Sergey Taruta (64.4 million UAH) and Oleg Lyashko (46.7 million UAH).

Among the candidates who appeared in commercials 2018, less spent “svobodovets” Ruslan Koshulinsky (about 820 thousand UAH) and independent candidate Vitaly kupriy (189 thousand UAH).

We will remind, three weeks before the presidential election the leader of the rating is the showman Vladimir Zelensky. However, almost a quarter of Ukrainians still have not decided who to vote for on March 31.