Pompeo: Russia exerts political pressure on Ukraine by using energy

KIEV. March 13. UNN. U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo believes that Russia is using its energy resources to exert political pressure on Ukraine. With the approval of the head of American diplomacy opened on Tuesday at the CERAWeek conference in Houston, reports UNN.

“We all know the story with Russia — it invaded Georgia in order to access oil and gas resources. She… has deprived Ukraine of the possibility to independently use these resources, to use this infrastructure in order to supply energy to its own people. Instead, it uses these pipelines to exert pressure, political pressure on the people of Ukraine,” he argued.

As a reminder, the Bulgarian government received a letter from “Gazprom export” in which the company announced plans to cease gas transit through the TRANS-Balkan corridor from Ukraine to Turkey from January 2020, the “Gazprom” refute this information.