In southern California (USA) law enforcement officers prevented a mass shooting a teenager in high school, which could happen a mere two days after the shooting in a school in Parkland, Florida. This was announced on Wednesday the Central American news channel CBS News.

“Law enforcement authorities claim to have prevented an attempt of the disciples to commit mass shooting at a high school southern California”, – stated in the material.

According to the report, the County Sheriff’s office in Los Angeles said that in high school, El Camino city of Whittier. guard detained “an angry student” who threatened to open fire at school.

It is noted that the press Secretary of the Sheriff’s office, Nicole Nishida said that in the student’s house during the search revealed “a lot of weapons and ammunition.”

According to media reports, 17-year-old threatened to leave home from school and return with a gun after arguing with a teacher because of the use of headphones during class, which is prohibited by school rules.

Is not specified, what decision was taken against the teenager, how he got access to weapons and who is its owner. In this regard, later on Wednesday, the local government promises to hold a special press conference.

CBS Los Angeles, to clarify that while it was unclear whether the arrested student or how he got the gun.

It is also said that the officials promised to hold a press conference about it.

19 Feb administration trump Teens staged a rolling protest with a demand to tighten control over the circulation of weapons.

February 14, 19-year-old American in the suburbs of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, opened fire at a high school for his former classmates, killing 17 people.

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