Poland has established an Agency for the employment of robots

KIEV. March 14. UNN. Polish HR-firm Antal and IT company Pirxon created “the Agency of the employment of robots”. It is expected that robots would be cheaper low-skilled workers. It is reported by UNN with reference to Polish radio.

Employers in Poland will be able to hire robots. They will carry out repetitive and monotonous actions, and employees will be engaged in resolving the more difficult and responsible tasks.

In Poland 165 thousand jobs. With the aim of filling the HR-firm Antal and IT company Pirxon created “the Agency of employment of robots” (Agencja Pracy Robotów).

It will put the robots in various organizations: first, the testing is from 7 to 40 days, which is less than the search term employee, then to hire on monthly salary. The employer will not pay for robot social insurance (ZUS) and other contributions, but only a monthly salary similar to that earned by a regular employee.

Advantage of a robot is that it does not take a vacation, not sick and can work 24 hours a day, — says Artur Skiba, head of HR-firm Antal.

We will remind, about 587 thousand foreigners from more than 170 States pays insurance premiums to the social insurance Institution (ZUS) in Poland. The largest group of insured foreigners are citizens of Ukraine. According to the study ZUS in Opole, contributions to the Polish insurer pays more than 441 thousand citizens of Ukraine.