The Deputy of Kharkiv city Council announced the price of fruit for the zoo, which he considers too high.
Gennady Kernes again used foul language at session of the city Council / photo Unionman Kharkov during the session of the city Council swore, commenting on the situation with the procurement of fruit for the animals of the city zoo.

The Deputy of the Kharkov city Council, Igor Chernyak asked Gennady Kernes to pay attention to the situation with the procurement of fruit for the animals of the Kharkiv zoo, voicing the price at which the utility acquires the products passes

According to Cherniak, the price is inflated several times in comparison with the market.

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“Pineapple – 350 UAH, tangerines – 95 UAH. He (pineapple – approx.) is 360 UAH at the zoo, and the store is 60 UAH. 460 kg of pineapples purchased. Apple – 35 UAH despite the fact that in any supermarket Apple more 15 UAH is not found. Pear – 65 UAH, lemons – 110 UAH, bananas and oranges – 95 UAH”, – said Chernyak.

In response, Kernes said, “And who pineapple in the zoo need? Who will be responsible? I want to do for our children, so they can visit the place where be met with nature. We have announced that the entrance to the zoo will be free – paid is only the entrance to the aquarium. If there are such facts that someone wants to eat a pineapple through monkey – I’ll buy you a pineapple. Only they are of brick, and ye them to eat. I know, fresh meat. Only the slain lamb is worth some money – lion. But pineapple, BL***! Who can appreciate its quality.”

The mayor of Kharkiv called for the establishment of an audit Committee for the purchase of fruit for zoo animals.

We will remind, earlier the mayor of Kharkov Gennady Kernes in the session hall swore at the ex-Deputy Dmitry Marinin, who spoke against the increase of tariffs for journey in public transport.