The little girl cried a lot, heard the neighbors. But to get to the apartment they could not, even with the district.

Then the adults called Ministry, the seen picture shocked everyone. In the apartment there was a girl-Mowgli, reports “Диалог.UA” with reference to “Russian conversation”.

The baby was among the huge piles of garbage, her neck rooted to the wire, the girl was diagnosed suppurative otitis media.

A terrible story has happened in Moscow in the house on the Leningrad highway.

Rescuers said the girl was sleeping among the garbage deposits in the house no food, water, adults too.

“It is impossible to breathe, found a five year old girl – she made a lair in the garbage. Not talking, purulent otitis media, in the neck grew some wire,” – said the rescuers.

Now the child is in the hospital, the cord of her neck smoothly.

The girl’s mother have been detained, she was a woman quite well-groomed and neat appearance. It, by the way, was caught by neighbors and held until police arrive.

Detained for 47 years, her name is Irina, Garashenko. She stated that she works as a cleaner and was previously a financial consultant. In the case of a woman appointed a number of examinations, including psychiatric.

According to sources, the “roof” of the woman “went” after Russia had deported her lover is a foreigner.

Add mother Russia scored daughter with a stick to death “educational purposes”.

We will remind, the Russian broke 2-year-old daughter’s hands and nose just for the fact that the child ate a piece of margarine.