Andriy Pavelko. Photo:

The Swiss Prosecutor’s office opened a criminal case on the fact of threats and intimidation of journalist Arnaud Trouble is the people’s Deputy from Blok Petro Poroshenko and President of the football Federation of Ukraine Andriy Pavelko.

This was reported today in his Facebook public organization “Initiative for the future”.

“Mr. Pavelko, within the open against you in criminal proceedings on the fact of threats and attempts of intimidation, we ask you to come as a defendant on April 4 the Prosecutor’s office, Porrentruy” – gives the organization the text of the agenda Pavelko from the Swiss Prosecutor’s office.

The “initiative future” said that the Trouble was the author of the investigation of corruption in the FFU and then told about the threats from Pavelko. The activists stressed that the absence Pavelko for questioning in store for him the announcement in the international search.

“The Swiss Prosecutor’s office – not Ukrainian, so she does not care, Pavelko included in the inner circle of President Poroshenko or not”, – is told in the message. In the review the authors have made copies of the documents.

According to the Trouble, in November of last year criminal case on the fact of fraud on the part Pavelko was opened by the Prosecutor’s office of the German Ingolstadt.