First Deputy Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor River has resigned after the National Agency for prevention of corruption revealed in his work, “conflict of interest”.

The head of FFU Andrew Pavelko, who turned in a much more scandalous situation, clung to his seat like a tick…

One of the top news of recent days in the world of the national sport was the information that the first Deputy Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine Igor River filed a resignation at own will. This is stated in the reply of the Secretariat of the government on the request of the Agency “Interfax-Ukraine”.

“In the Cabinet Secretariat processed the relevant materials regarding the dismissal of the River of I. E. from the post of first Deputy Minister of youth and sports of Ukraine”, – reported in the Secretariat.

According to “Ukrainian truth”, the Ministry argued that the River filed a statement on their own. It is specified that on 8 June the Minister of sport Ihor Zhdanov has sent the government a letter of offer. However, the Department to this day have not responded.

The river was appointed first Deputy Minister of youth and sports in December 2014. In March 2018 NACP sent to the Pechersky court the Protocol on the conflict of interests in the River. It was noted that he was instrumental in the allocation of 86 million hryvnias of budgetary funds in favor of the led by him, of the athletics Federation.

The source also said that the Pechersk court repeatedly scheduled the case, but eventually cancelled the meeting due to “the workload of judges”. In addition, at the beginning of the year the River was trying to prosecute for late Declaration, but that the case was closed in connection with the expiration.

…Studying the history of the River and you can draw many Parallels with the scandalous situation around the head of the FFU Andrew Pavelko, whose activities are much debated in the media for many months.

It is primarily about the procurement of coatings for soccer fields. The media has repeatedly stressed that the decision on allocation of budgetary funds on these purposes it has adopted the parliamentary budget Committee under the leadership of Pavelko. The contracts, according to the tender procedures without an auction, in a commercial structure of the football Federation of Ukraine, which, again, is under the leadership of Andrey Pavelko.

Press repeatedly cited the opinion of the independent expert on the situation.

“If the official influences the allocation of funds and their further allocation and de facto development, then there is an absolute conflict of interest”, – considers, in particular, political analyst Alexander Kochetkov.

“TSE ochevidni conflct interest, if head the football Federation, ocology Budgeti comtet, pod of such a bill, bezposrednio bere fate in Yogo prenatt and potim koshti respectively potreplyut vzhe in resultat h realzar to compan gotichno to football Federation” – gives an uncompromising assessment of events lawyer of the “Center of counteraction of corruption” Elena Serban.

After a series of investigative activities Pavelko, no longer even the slightest doubt that the head of FFU and his ilk hit a good jackpot, “flogging” the country artificial turf at inflated prices.

“The grass we have Nagaraja on continent and price swedena football field for budget Groshi, animense on pumlumon high for rinkou. Zgidno s sovereign program from year 2018 in Ukraine mayut pobuduvati 360 maydanchik, if on skin vamily 500 thousand, then the scale powers TSE 180 mlion, that osli at the Kishinev benefcial circuit”, is amazed at the extent of fraud to the head of the FFU, the authors of the special project “Federation of plundering of Ukraine” on TV channel 112.

Moreover, the media proved that the FFU used in the fraudulent scheme and the construction of a plant for the production of the notorious herb “hide” a good portion of the four million loan of UEFA.

“Corruption schemes on assignment of credit funds, the UEFA for the sum about 700 thousand dollars is confirmed by the correspondence contained in the email archive of the General Secretary of football Federation of Ukraine Yuri Zapisannogo. From the correspondence it follows that has the money settled in offshore “gasket” from UAE, which is specially included in the chain of purchase of equipment for the factory FFU for the production of artificial turf,” – said in an analytical acceleglove PR Department in troublshooting the company Underdog The UnLawyers Irina Kovalchuk.

Well, there are a lot of questions about electronic declarations Pavelko – press brings irrefutable evidence of fraud to the head of the FFU during filling and reminds you that for concealment of information about property and income in our country, actually, there is a liability before the law.

In short, the overall picture is more than depressing: the abuse at almost every turn, not to mention completely failed to work on the development of football in the country.

At the moment Pavelko is, the idea is that the client is number one for anti-corruption bodies. And the press has repeatedly suggested that to start this odious head should resign.

“I can’t imagine that in any European country, member country of the EU and NATO when it came to suspicions of corruption, there was no reaction from law enforcement authorities in the Federation [football]. It is obvious that in a legal state, the President of the football Federation has already filed to dismiss. And it would be right,” said not long ago, an authoritative diplomat Markiyan Lubkivsky.

It did so Igor the River, who have the courage to make the right and logical decision.

Pavelko continues to twist and wriggle, trying in every way to hamper the investigation, which is under pressure from the public leads to him NACP. While he has the leverage to bring the situation to court. How else to explain that NACP inhibits the case, with 13 (!) protocols, which marked that the actions of Andrey Pavelko contain signs of administrative offenses, connected with corruption.

But, of course, the head of FFU is well aware that its history is inexorably nears. And the ending will be for him not rosy.

Vasily CHESNOKOV, “Pressing”