Part of the route Kiev-Odessa blocked by a burning truckPhoto: press service of the national police in the Kiev region

The car caught fire on the go

14.03.19 62900

Thursday, March 14, on a segment of highway Kyiv-Odessa blocked automobile traffic due to a burning truck. About it reports a press-service of the national police in the Kiev region in Facebook.

According to police, the incident occurred at 72 kilometer of the highway Kiev-Odessa.

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“On 72 km of the highway Kiev – Odessa blocked the movement in the direction of Kiev due to the fact that real-time is the fire: the burning of the truck. The car caught fire in motion. Victims are absent”, – is spoken in the message.

Also the police added that the scene is already the crew of the police, as well as several brigades firefighting and rescue service.

In addition, in the message, the police are asked to consider the situation and break safe ways part of the track where the fire truck.

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