The network does not stop to discuss rumors of a possible romance of two star – Lorak and Lazarev.
Artists have long suspected Roman / photo

In the network appeared the with the disgraced Ukrainian singer Ani Lorak in the company of Sergey Lazarev, with whom she is credited with an affair after her divorce from her husband Murat.

Read takuan Lorak in lace lingerie has excited the network (photos)

Photo posted to Instagram rr_photo. In the frame of the star posing at the table. Ani Lorak appeared in a revealing dress with bare shoulders and deep neckline, Lazarev – shirt and jacket.

The paparazzi managed to catch, as the actor is whispering in your ear “diva”, which again provoked a lot of rumors about their romantic relationships.

“Gorgeous,” “Beautiful” “Frame – fire”, “Perfect couple,” “When they already get married?”, “Ear heard the words “I love you, my dear!”, “So I would like to have these two beautiful people have been together” – write in the comments under the photo.

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