After a very successful start in 2013, the company GoSun modified its product and is now launching one of the cheapest and most compact solar ovens in the world – GoSun Go. The principle is simple – parabolic mirror collect sunlight and concentrate it on the Central module, heating it. Now, however, the furnace design was extremely simple and versatile.

The mirrors are in the form of hemispheres and unopened become the halves of the external housing case of the furnace. The inner part is made in the form of a hollow cylinder, where it is possible to pour liquid or to fall asleep products. The oven is heated from the fact of the presence of sunlight and could run in the meager rays of the winter sun, at low temperatures. Although the natural drop in the efficiency.

The main advantage of a solar oven – it uses a passive energy source. So after experimenting with large models grill GoSunо returned to the compact options, which is convenient to take camping. Having the dimensions of the laptop, the new model weighs just 0.9 kg and a working volume of 400 ml. Everything gets it, on a Sunny day can be preheated to 260 °C maximum for 30 minutes.

Price: $99. Compare that to the price tag from $279 to $999 for the other solar ovens on the market, and all the questions why the GoSun Kickstarter campaign instantly gathered 10 times more of the amount requested, will disappear by themselves. The GoSun stove Go will be available in April 2018.

Source — Kickstarter