About a year ago I took the test IQOS device for heating tobacco from Philip Morris. The gadget is designed as an alternative for smokers who worry about their health, but for various reasons, do not wish to give up Smoking. And now, it’s time to talk about their experiences and about some of the nuances associated with the use of IQOS.

Despite the fact that this device has already written quite a lot, yet briefly remind you what it is.

Heating system belongs IQOS tobacco company Philip Morris International, which for 10 years has invested in developing technologies for about $ 4.5 billion. This was built ultramodern research centre in Switzerland. Our editorial staff even had a chance to go there.

IQOS is fundamentally different from both conventional and electronic cigarettes. This is a special electronic device for smokers who knows something that no cigarette or other electronic devices are not capable of.

The tobacco in a cigarette burns at a temperature of about 900 degrees. Along with tobacco smoke are identified and the harmful products of combustion. When using IQOS, everything is different. In the holder is inserted into the tobacco stick (in most of the world they are sold under the brand HEETS) is a kind of shortened version of filter cigarettes and shredded tobacco. Inside the holder there is a special heating element, it heats the tobacco to a temperature of about 300 degrees.

Due to this, the stick in the holder does not burn and heats up, it releases a real tobacco flavor, without any mixture of harmful products of combustion.

Learn more about IQOS and first impressions from testing it you can read in my first review, which was written in the first few weeks.

Well, I turn to the results of the use of the device in the course of the year, sharing their impressions on a few blocks.

Year with IQOS. Consequences for health and quality of life.

Among positive changes we can mention the following:

  • Got rid of the smell
  • Finally left a nasty cigarette smell that accompanied me everywhere. For me, as someone whose home is no longer one smokes, this is important. Early and from his wife and children occasionally caught glares, especially when after the break immediately came home, carrying the plume of the odor from the smoke-filled clothes. Now the problem is gone. With it disappeared and the other – bad breath and foul-smelling fingers.

  • The cough
  • Also, a few months after moving to IQOS, had the characteristic smoker’s cough, most often occurring in the morning and evening. I think the smokers with the experience will understand me and will agree that this fact is important both in terms of health and in terms of mood – after all, you cease to overcome the dark thoughts associated with this cough.

  • Sharpened the sense of smell
  • In addition, a much-improved sense of smell. I began to better grasp the different smells that I’ve ever felt before. Agree, when you can again feel full almost forgotten the smell of frosty air or the first days of spring – it’s worth a lot.

  • Appetite improved, to get the full pleasure of food
  • Another important point I noticed is the improvement of appetite. Probably, the lack of cigarette smoke, which involves a variety of combustion products, and resins has a positive impact on the work of the taste buds. Now meals bring me much more fun.

    With all these important positives should be noted one negative consequence of using IQOS – I started Smoking more consistently. Due to the fact that the smoke, or rather steam from IQOS, is not so acrid as the cigarette and is not as noticeable, I began to allow myself to use the gadget both at home and in the car. Thus, if I used smoked per day than a pack of cigarettes, now, often not invested in this norm. And this is extra costs, and increased consumption of nicotine. Let the resin in IQOS not, but still hardly it is useful to increase the rate.

    Year with IQOS. The ease of use.

    In this sense, IQOS also have both positive and negative aspects. Positive – the device is pretty reliable. Especially the latest model. If the first generation devices were often complaints because of breakdowns as a holder and charger, now everything has changed.

    With the release of the second generation, as I understand it, was made certain changes in the structure, and almost the same design reliability of the device is significantly increased. I have it working so far.

    While pleased with the company’s commitment doesn’t stop there. The market launch of the third generation of the IQOS device 3 has demonstrated that the company is moving in the right direction. Was a much improved performance – increased charging speed of the holder, the function of the signal ready for operation with light vibration. It also became much more interesting design, which provides the option of using different caps and overlays to personalize your device.

    There are additional accessories that make it easier to use such as a holder in the car or a leather organizer, which can hold both the device itself and sticks. One of the best updates in IQOS 3, significantly increases the comfort of use, in my opinion, is a new cleaning tool holder that comes in the kit. It is much better and more effective than the previous version. It is worth noting its fragility. A few months of use and it becomes unusable, which is quite a shame. To buy new do not want, and use the old even more so. So it can be safely attributed to the consumables.

    Another negative point is the incompatibility of chargers from different generations. The third generation is already another port (Type C), and charging from previous generations do not come to him. Because of this I have constant confusion and several times I got into situation, when she took an IQOS 3, and couldn’t charge because at hand was only inches IQOS 2.4+. You can of course buy an extra charger, but it is the abundance of different chargers at work, at home and in the car a bit annoying. But, on the other hand, all the gadgets are gradually strive for harmonization and standardization of chargers. And most of them pass it to the connector Type C. So, this is probably inevitable.


    Here everything is simple. When I bought IQOS, I heard reviews that some difficult to him with cigarettes. For me, the transition to comfortable IQOS and the failure of conventional cigarettes were not just easy. He was simply invisible. This year I smoked only one cigarette. And the feeling was so unpleasant that I was not able to finish. Then thoughts about them did not arise from the word “all”. It’s amazing how I could so many years to smoke this stuff.

    Also I realized one more thing – if I ever deal with IQOS, it will be a full refusal of Smoking in any form. On cigarettes, I will not go never.

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    Ponomarev Yury

    IQOS – a device for heating tobacco. Authorized for use only by adults smokers. The transition to IQOS is not completely secure. The nicotine contained in the sticky, addictive.